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Blog Posts in July, 2016

  • Pennsylvania Divorce Law Overview

    || 26-Jul-2016

    For residents of Pennsylvania who are headed for divorce, to get the divorce started, one or both of the spouses must have been residents of Pennsylvania for at least six months. If you are the spouse asking for the divorce, you are considered the plaintiff. You would file a complaint that explains to the court your reasons for divorcing your spouse, who is called the "defendant." Your ...
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  • Dividing Debt in a Pennsylvania Divorce

    || 18-Jul-2016

    If you live in Pennsylvania and are headed for a divorce, you will not only need to decide how to divide your assets, but you and your spouse must address your debts. Pennsylvania is an " equitable distribution " state, which means that a married couple's marital assets and debts are divided in a fair and equitable manner – but not necessarily equally. Ideally, you and your ...
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  • Dividing Retirement Assets in Divorce

    || 11-Jul-2016

    When couples divorce, they must decide what to do with the marital residence, they must decide on child custody and visitation, and how to divide their marital assets. Often, IRAs and 401(k)s come to play, and it's important that these assets are divided carefully and intelligently in order to avoid unnecessary taxes and penalties. The biggest issue with mishandling a retirement account is ...
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  • Will Moving Out Affect My Property Rights?

    || 5-Jul-2016

    If you are headed for divorce, you will have to decide who will stay in the house over the short-term, who will pay the lease or mortgage, and what will happen to the home. These are important factors to consider and you don't want to make a quick decision without first consulting with an experienced divorce attorney. Are you the breadwinner? If so, will you continue paying for your ...
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