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FAQ: Can You Represent Both My Spouse And me?

In Pennsylvania, Cairns Law Offices can only represent one of you. In Pennsylvania, we only represent plaintiffs in divorce cases. If you are in agreement about property division, I can prepare a settlement agreement and the divorce paperwork to be presented to your spouse. We always recommend that the defendant (your spouse) have the paperwork reviewed by their own attorney.

Just because one of you is named the plaintiff and the other person is the named defendant, it does not change the outcome of the case. If you are in agreement, it does not matter who files for the divorce case.

The only requirement that we have is that according to Pennsylvania law, one of you must have lived in Pennsylvania for at least 6 months prior to filing for the divorce, or that one of you has a military home of record in Pennsylvania if you are in the military. Only one of you needs to live in Pennsylvania or have a military home of record in Pennsylvania. It is not necessary that both you and your spouse live in Pennsylvania to get divorced in Pennsylvania.

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