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No-Fault Divorce in PA - $249 Uncontested Divorce

Achieve a Fast & Affordable Divorce in Pennsylvania

COMPLETE GUARANTEE: You will only pay $249 for your Simple, Uncontested, No-Fault Divorce. Court costs and legal fees are INCLUDED in the price of $249. If you and your spouses are cooperative and available during the entire divorce process, our divorce fees will not increase. Click here to read more about the Divorce Process in PA before starting the Divorce Wizard.

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We Offer Inexpensive Divorce Through Technology

Cairns Law Offices can process the divorce inexpensively because we use modern computer technology. It helps us complete the steps to no fault divorce in Pennsylvania more effectively and efficiently. We also file your case in a county that has low court costs and has a staff that concentrates on handling divorce cases for people across Pennsylvania. You will receive a legally binding, court-ordered divorce decree the same as if you filed for divorce in your own county at a much higher cost.

We provide Simple, Uncontested, No-Fault Divorces only. If this is not what you need, then we cannot represent you. This means that if your or your spouse contests, objects or fails to cooperate in any regard after we have started the Pennsylvania divorce process, we will discontinue representing you in your PA divorce case and/or withdraw as your attorney and we will in fact be considered discharged. You would then have to hire another attorney to represent you. Once you have agreed to our Client Agreement and payment has been made in STEP 2, you will not be entitled to a refund of any legal fees paid to us, since we start working on your case immediately.

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We Offer Payment Plans for Divorce in PA

You can get started on your PA divorce for as little as $29. You can make payment for all or part of the fee when you complete The Divorce Wizard. Paying in full means there will be no possible delays due to lack of payment.

* Simple, uncontested, no-fault divorces only. See Client Services Agreement

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