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Country music couple Maren Morris and Ryan Hurd are getting divorced. The couple have a three-year-old son, Hayes. Continue reading to learn more about the couple and the details of the divorce we know about thus far.  

Who Are Morris & Hurd?  

Maren Morris is an American singer-songwriter who has carved out a significant place for herself in the country music scene. Rooted deeply in the country genre, her music also beautifully blends elements of pop and R&B, demonstrating her versatility as an artist.   

Her breakthrough came with her 2016 debut album, "Hero," which featured the hit single "My Church." This album launched her into the limelight, but it was her 2018 song, “The Middle,” that gained her more mainstream popularity.  

Morris is also well known and respected because of her vocalness and openness about country music’s racist history, as well as her opinions on femininity, sexuality, and politics. While she joined the country music supergroup The Highwomen in 2019, she recently announced that she will be taking a step back from the country music scene because of her inability to “participate in the really toxic arms of this institution anymore.”  

Ryan Hurd is also a country music singer and songwriter. Known for his distinctive blend of country and pop, Hurd's music is lauded for its engaging storytelling and relatable themes. His career took off in 2016, and he has been creating waves ever since with his chart-topping hits and collaborations with other notable artists.  

His songwriting prowess is well-recognized in the industry, with big names such as Blake Shelton, Tim McGraw, and Rascal Flatts recording songs penned by him. In addition to his music, Hurd's personal life has also garnered attention, particularly his relationship with fellow country star Maren Morris. The two artists often collaborate, their most recent hit being "Chasing After You.” 

Morris & Hurd Divorcing After 5 Years  

Hurd and Morris’ relationship has entered the spotlight even more in the last few days, as the news of their divorce broke on October 2nd. Morris claims that the marriage is broken because of irreconcilable differences and that they have been separated since the date of filing.  

A Brief Overview of Their Relationship  

The couple initially met in 2013 but didn’t begin dating until December 2015. Their relationship then unfolded as follows:  

  • June 2016: The duo made their debut as a couple on the red carpet at the CMT Music Awards.  

  • July 2017: The duo announce that they are engaged via an Instagram post of Morris’ engagement ring.  

  • March 2018: Morris and Hurd headed down the aisle and got married.  

  • March 2019: Morris shares, in an interview, that their newlywed life wasn’t as happy and romantic as people might expect. Following their honeymoon, Morris went on tour with Niall Horan and was gone more than ever before. While they did experience a rough patch, Morris claimed therapy was helping them.  

  • October 2019: The couple posts maternity photos and announces they are expecting their first child (who was born in March 2020).  

  • February 2021: The duo released their first single together, “Chasing After You.” During this time, Hurd also shared that his priorities had shifted to be less about music and more about family since the birth of their son.  

  • March 2022: Morris opened up about her postpartum depression and how Hurd recognized the signs and changes in her behavior.  

In the time between March 2022 and October 2023, the couple vacationed together and attended many events together, including the US Open and Grammy Awards. To those who follow the couple, the news of their decision to divorce was surprising.  

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