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How Long Have Drew & Ralph Been Together?

Sidora and Pittman tied the knot in 2014. They have been married for nine years. However, the couple has made the decision to part ways and file for divorce.

Sidora filed her divorce petition an hour before Pittman, and both parties filed on Monday, February 27th. According to Pittman’s petition, their official date of separation is February 19th; however, Sidora is claiming that they did not separate until February 23rd.

Read our blog, “Why is the Date of Separation Important?” to learn the impact this difference of opinion concerning their date of separation can have on their case.

The couple both told the media about their decision to end their nine-year marriage. In an exclusive statement to People magazine, Pittman said, “Love is a beautiful thing. Unfortunately we have made the difficult decision to move on to our next chapters, independent of each other. Drew and I have decided to file for divorce. We have three amazing young children, and their mindset and growth is what is most important. As we navigate this difficult time, I ask that you please respect our privacy."

Sidora in a later statement said, "After eight years of wholeheartedly fighting for my marriage, I have made the agonizing decision to release my husband with love. Although Ralph and I have decided to move forward separately, the hope is to remain friends so that we can co-parent responsibly. In spite of our very public life, I am asking for privacy during this difficult time as my children and I learn how to navigate through our new beginnings."

Why Are They Divorcing?

Reportedly, Pittman is known for being verbally abusive and belittling Sidora, and he often dismisses her concerns about their relationship. During some of their tenure on the Real Housewives of Atlanta (RHOA), the couple went to therapy to work on and discuss their marital issues, such as:

  • Their communication styles
  • Suspected affairs
  • Pittman disappearing for a trip for three days without telling anyone
  • Gaslighting

In an amended divorce petition, Sidora accuses Pittman of being unfaithful, calling him a “serial cheater and adulterer” who “allowed his multiple paramours to have direct contact” with her in attempts to boast about his affairs. Sidora also accused Pittman of being financially abusive and of recently withdrawing a large sum from her bank account. She also claims that she:

  • considered filing for Temporary Protective Orders,
  • moving (temporarily) with their kids to Chicago for safety.

Pittman's documents request both legal and physical custody of their children, yet Sidora proclaims that marital reconciliation is impossible. She thus seeks joint legal responsibility but also temporary and permanent primary physical custody for herself.

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