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Cynthia Bailey & Mike Hill Are Divorcing

The Real Housewives of Atlanta alum Cynthia Bailey and her husband of two years, Mike Hill, have shared that they are getting divorced. The couple broke this news via a joint Instagram post on October 12th. In the post, the couple share that neither party is to blame and that they plan to remain friends.

Bailey was previously married to Peter Thomas in RHOA Season 3, and Bailey and Thomas have a 22-year-old daughter. Hill was also previously married, and this was his third marriage; he has two daughters from his previous marriages.

Why Second (or Subsequent) Divorce Can Be More Difficult Than the First

Second, third, and subsequent marriages can face additional strain because of financial issues and responsibilities caused by the previous marriage, obligations from the previous marriage/divorce, issues related to children and step-children, and other common reasons for divorce. Census data and statistics show that nearly 45% of first-time marriage end in divorce; while nearly 65% of second marriages end in divorce, and almost three-fourths of third-time marriages end in divorce.

Getting divorced for a second or subsequent time can often be more complicated than your first divorce. Potential difficulties include:

  • Child custody. If you or your spouse have children from a prior marriage, you may be worried about your continued relationship with your stepchildren after your divorce. Maintaining your relationship with stepchildren can be difficult, especially if they are minors. In Pennsylvania, stepparents can apply for physical or legal custody in select situations. Under Pennsylvania Consolidated Statute § 5324, a person who stands in loco parentis to a child can request custody of a child. “In loco parentis to a child” means in place of the parent, which means that someone helped raise a child without having adopted them formally and their biological parent is no longer caring for the child. Thus, if a stepchild doesn’t have a relationship with either biological parent and the stepparent took on parental obligations, such as paying for school tuition, cooking meals, taking them to the doctors or school, etc., the court will consider awarding custody or visitation to the stepparent. The court will consider the level of the stepparent’s involvement, the length of time the stepparent acted in loco parentis, the emotional dependence of the child on their stepparent, and any other relevant factors.
  • Property division. If you have debts from your previous marriage, you may be worried about the asset and debt division process in your current divorce. Your credit score and financial health can be impacted by the financial implications of the property division determinations.
  • Emotional strain. Multiple divorces can impact the emotional and mental health of the couple and their children. Many people struggle with feelings of shame, anger, grief, and sadness because they often blame themselves for a second (or subsequent) divorce.
  • Stigmatization. Many people believe that others will see them as failures because of their divorce, and this fear can be increased with multiple divorces. While the stigma surrounding divorce has also decreased, some people can still face prejudice or judgment because of multiple divorces.
  • Child and spousal support. Even if you already pay child support for other children, you may still have to pay child support and/or alimony in your current divorce settlement. While the courts would not put a payee in a position where they are unable to make payments, they will consider your income, ability to pay, the need for support, and other relevant factors to determine whether child or spousal support is needed. This can place more financial stress on the payee’s shoulders.

It is important to note that: In going through a second or third divorce, you can capitalize on your knowledge of the divorce process and make informed choices during your current divorce. While there are special considerations and difficulties with second or subsequent divorces, you can mitigate the emotional, mental, and financial impact of divorce by considering what you want to do differently and how you can learn from your last divorce. For instance, this time you may want to avoid a costly, contentious divorce process, so you may consider filing uncontested and no-fault and/or utilizing divorce mediation.

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