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The pandemic has been unkind to the lives of many people in the country. For those fortunate enough to have weathered the storm of closures, illness, and death, it may seem like you survived it only to watch your financial situation remain on life support. Many households were never as worried about being sick as they were about the financial implications of mandatory shutdown orders and long-term business closures. When cash is tight, it becomes necessary to prioritize certain financial obligations and put those less pressing to the side. What do you do when all your obligations need to be prioritized? During the height of the pandemic, you were probably one of many who filed for a modification to relieve the financial strain. But, with the court system struggling to catch up with the backlog of requests, what does that mean for your situation?

A Change in Income Doesn’t Automatically Change Your Support Obligations

If you’ve lost your job, that doesn’t mean that the court will know, and your payments will be automatically enrolled for a change. You will need to immediately report your change of status or reduction of income to Domestic Relations. You need to file a Petition to Modify Support with the court. As the payor, the court will not stop sending the support order just because you are unemployed, which means the order will charge on schedule, and you will form an arrears balance. The important point is that if your income is no longer stable and your ability to pay has been negatively impacted by the pandemic, you will need to file a Petition to Modify as soon as possible. Even if there is a backlog on the court docket, you shouldn’t wait to file your request. The Pennsylvania Child Support program accepts online requests for modification filings.

If you don’t file your petition, Domestic Relations will not know about your income issues and desire to have your support order amended. Your filing date will become the retroactive modification date, which will clear up any arrears you may tally. Depending on the severity of your arrears, you may need to seek legal counsel to ensure your modification has been filed properly and processed. An attorney can also attend court on your behalf if necessary. An attorney can also help you with your child custody modifications if your job loss means you are no longer able to provide for your minor child living in your home. If you need to explore your custody situation options with a professional, a lawyer can help you review your situation and develop a strategy moving forward.

Post Judgement Modifications From Cairns Law Group

If your financial situation is unstable and you need help modifying your court-ordered obligations, our attorneys can work with you to develop a strategy to file the corresponding paperwork. At Cairns Law Group, we realize that life is filled with ups and downs, and sometimes you need the help of legal professionals to navigate the court system. Call us today at (888) 863-9115 to schedule a consultation to discuss your case or reach out to our team online.

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