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Divorces are hard for everyone, but you can imagine that it’s even worse when you feel obligated to issue a press release when you file for divorce. Fame is a double-edged sword, and for all the good and fun, there are the invasions of privacy. La La Anthony, who was once a mainstay on MTV, has filed for divorce from her super famous basketball husband, Carmelo Anthony. The pair stayed together for over a decade and had a son together. After 11 years together, La La cited “irreconcilable differences” and issued a statement saying they planned to remain friends. The couple’s divorce was not a shock since they have been separated for some time, and even after 16 years of commitment, they were unable to find their way back to each other. The divorce announcement and recent press suggest the couple are mutually seeking this end. The divorce should be amicable and respectful. They plan to co-parent their 14-year-old son, and they had time working on their cooperative parenting during quarantine – since they were quarantined as a family.

Focusing on What’s Important

When couples divorce, it’s great if they can remain amicable. Many couples find they are able to do this for their children. They hope to lay the foundation for a healthy and cooperative parenting environment. La La and Carmelo apparently agree. They have stated post-divorce filing that their son is the center of everything they do as a couple. La La gave recently told Essence magazine that she knows her son is watching his parents and learning how to treat people from their example. The couple has struggled to keep their marriage together through infidelity claims and the strain of an NBA career on the road so many nights out of the year. There were cheating rumors surrounding Carmelo in 2019 after he was spotted on a yacht charming someone other than his wife on her birthday. Those rumors were later explained away and deemed unfounded, but the couple experienced rough waters earlier in 2018, but they were able to mend the relationship. Considering the couple married in 2010, they have seen more challenges than they have good times, which may be why they’re throwing in the towel.

An Amicable Divorce Could Save Money 

At Cairns Law Group, we specialize in a no-fault divorce. We use the convenience of technology to offer an online divorce filing that’s affordable for every budget. If you and your spouse mutually agree that your marriage is over and you both just want to finalize the details and don’t foresee any issues, then a no-fault divorce is what you’re looking for in a divorce. Even if you have children, we can help you complete the required documents to get everything filed with the court. Children, assets, and money aren’t what makes divorce proceedings difficult or drawn out; it’s debating and animosity that can leave you with a never-ending divorce. So, if you if the idea of a low-cost, amicable divorce appeals to you, call us today at (888) 863-9115 us today to get started!

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