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Traditionally, when moms and dads divorced, the mother was almost always the one to get primary custody of the kids. But, much has changed in the past 20 years. The family courts across the nation have gradually been changing so their laws and attitudes towards divorcing parents are gender neutral.

While more mothers do still obtain primary physical custody than fathers, that doesn’t mean that the trend hasn’t been changing. Why the change in attitude towards fathers? There are a few reasons. For starters, more (and more) women are entering the workforce, leaving their children in the care of family, day cares and preschools. Secondly, there has been a measurable rise in female breadwinners and stay-at-home fathers. Lastly, not all women are fit to be good moms.

There are fathers who are better suited to raise their children. Usually, a father will seek custody of the children in a divorce under the following circumstances:

  • The mother is addicted to drugs.
  • The mother is an alcoholic.
  • The mother has physically abused the children.
  • The mother suffers from mental illness.
  • The mother is in jail or prison.
  • The mother has neglected the children.
  • The mother abandoned the children.
  • The mother leads a criminal lifestyle.
  • The mother cannot financially care for the children.
  • The mother is disabled and unable to care for her children.

Do the Parents Agree on Child Custody?

Even if a father wants to seek primary custody of his children, that doesn’t mean the mother will automatically put up a fight. Each couple’s circumstances are different. Perhaps the father has been a stay-at-home parent for years and he’s a better fit. Perhaps the mother has a job that involves a lot of travel and she doesn’t want to give it up.

As long as a couple can reach an agreement on child custody that is in the children’s best interests, there shouldn’t be a problem receiving the court’s approval. It’s not about whether the children should be with a man or woman, it’s about which parent can provide the most love, comfort, emotional and financial support for the children. It’s about which living situation is best given the facts of the case.

If you wish to obtain a cheap, no-fault divorce, Cairns Law Offices can help you make that happen for only $299. However, if child custody is going to be a contested issue, we cannot help you. The reason we’re able to offer such affordable divorce services is because we only work with couples who can achieve an amicable divorce.

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