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We’ve all heard horror stories about couples whose divorces dragged on in court for years. We’ve heard about divorces that cost more than $50,000, and divorces that drove couples straight to bankruptcy court. We’re not even touching on the couples who had to spend thousands of dollars on counseling sessions or therapy to handle the “stress” of their contentious divorce.

Our advice to people on the brink of divorce, “Do not fight. It’s just not worth it.” Do you want your divorce to cost tens of thousands and take years to resolve? Probably not. Whatever you do, don’t go to combat with your spouse. You deserve much better.

Sure, there are gladiator or pit bull divorce attorneys out there who will encourage you to fight, but there’s only heartache at the end of that road. Instead, tell yourself, “No fighting during my divorce in spite of the dreadful emotions I am feeling.”

No Fighting Saves Money and It’s Empowering

When spouses spend hours in their attorney’s office fighting over every little detail, they may feel like they have the upper hand, but how much does this cost? We’re not talking about being a pushover when your spouse has maxed out the credit cards, or when they tried to abduct your children and hide them, or when they are abusing you. In those cases, you have to stand up for yourself.

We’re talking about the negotiables, such as who takes the family dog, what to do with the house, where the kids are going to spend the summer, and who keeps the flat screen TVs. When people are divorcing, they often have the attitude of, “I want to come out ahead of my spouse,” and in effect they’ll fight over every little thing. This going into battle attitude doesn’t come cheap; it costs a lot of money.

When the average divorce attorney can cost between $100 and $500 an hour, it adds up fast. Who wants to spend $15,000 or $30,000 on their divorce? Most people can’t afford it and then they end up putting their divorce on credit cards. Instead of your divorce costing a small fortune, our advice is to seek an amicable, no-fault divorce through Cairns Law Offices, where you can get divorced for just $299. Yes, just $299. We did not leave out a couple of zeros!

Even if you’ve exchanged heated texts or emails and angry phone calls, you and your soon-to-be-ex can probably agree on one thing – a simple, uncontested, cheap, no-fault divorce. To learn more, contact us today!

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