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There are few life events that are as overwhelming as going through a divorce. As you're trying to navigate the legal system, sort out your finances, and decide what's going to happen to your children, a few important things can easily slip through the cracks. That's why it's wise to have a divorce checklist.

Here are some common mistakes and how to avoid them with a divorce checklist:

Mistake #1. Having to pay debts you forgot about or didn't know existed.
The last thing you want to do is find out months or years after the divorce that there was a credit card debt that you forgot to include in your divorce. Divorce checklist: order your credit report at the beginning and end of the divorce.

Mistake #2. Your spouse reads your personal mail.
Whether or not your spouse would read your mail when you were married, you don't want them reading your personal mail during your divorce, especially if it's a letter from your attorney. Divorce checklist: as soon as your start your divorce get a P.O. Box and have your mail sent there.

Mistake #3. Your spouse spies on you online.
While everything in your life is changing because of your divorce, it can be easy to forget that your spouse probably knows or could figure out the passwords to your email and online accounts, including social media. Divorce checklist: change all of your social media and online account passwords, and create a brand new email account.

Mistake #4. Not gathering all of the financial documents while you can access them easily.
Before you start your divorce, it's relatively easy to grab the necessary financial documents from your filing cabinet or home office. Once the divorce process begins, sometimes the documents you need mysteriously disappear. Divorce checklist: Create a divorce document checklist and make copies of all necessary documents before you start your divorce.

Mistake #5. Not updating your beneficiaries after your divorce.
During divorce, updating your beneficiary designations may be the last thing on your mind. But, if you fail to update the beneficiaries on your life insurance, bank accounts, retirement accounts, and fail to create a new will, if something were to happen to you, your ex could be in for a windfall. Divorce checklist: update your beneficiary designations on your insurance policies, investment and bank accounts, and retirement accounts after your divorce, and write a new will.

If you create a good divorce checklist early on, it can help you avoid making what could otherwise be painful and costly mistakes. To get your own divorce checklist, contact a Pennsylvania no fault divorce lawyer from Cairns Law Offices. All of our initial consultations are free!

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