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As common as it is, divorce is always a hot-topic issue that attracts a lot of attention from friends and family. Everyone wants to know the details of the divorce, and even if the former spouses remain friendly, many want to pinpoint where things went wrong. When it comes to celebrity divorces, there is a lot of focus on the intimate details of the marriage and what each spouse will receive as the result of a prenuptial agreement.

Celebrity Divorce Can Show How to Act in Divorce

Celebrity divorces can not only get ugly, but are the most public type of divorce. A celebrity's history is analyzed for clues and instances that may have indicated the end of their marriage. While this may not always be so helpful, taking a look at their prenuptial agreements can be used by non-celebrities to discover what should be included in theirs. The more you understand how your finances are affected in divorce, the better.

Looking at celebrity divorces can teach anyone some important things about divorce:

  • Never use child custody or visitation as a way to control the actions of the other parent
  • See the divorce through its close before bring a new romance into the mix
  • Hire a different attorney from your spouse and do so as soon as a divorce is proposed
  • Stay away from verbally abusing your former spouse
  • Try to negotiate before bringing the case to court
  • Use an attorney that you are comfortable with to handle your case
  • Do not allow one spouse to walk all over you and fight for what you believe in
  • Realize that arguing for the sake of arguing only racks up legal costs
  • Be reasonable when it comes to serving divorce papers

Celebrity divorces can provide a model for how the rest of the country looks at divorces. When Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin publically agreed to consciously uncouple, the number of people in the country seeking divorce mediation rose.

Knowing what to avoid in a divorce can work to make any separation smoother. For a quick, easy, low-cost Pennsylvania divorce, the Cairns Law Offices can help. We offer uncontested divorces as low as $299 for all services. Call us for more information!

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