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George Zimmerman is a name that was made famous in a recent criminal case. His name is plastered across newspapers once more but this time it is for another reason. After a rocky few months following the criminal case, Zimmerman's wife Shellie filed for divorce. She had been quoted saying that she was considering divorce and that the case had taken a toll on the couple's relationship and on George himself. The couple had been separated and George had begun dating another woman.

The divorce papers were served while Zimmerman was in jail for allegedly aiming a gun at his new girlfriend. He had reportedly claimed that he "had nothing to lose," as he is currently in substantial debt and being supported by family members. Zimmerman is represented by a public defender, Jeff Dowdy, who has stated that Zimmerman only had $150 and was likely having trouble finding a job in the area.

The couple originally married in 2007. Zimmerman eventually started taking classes at Seminole State College and he was in the process of seeking an associate degree in criminal justice when the shooting took place. Shellie is set to appear on talk show "Katie" where she will discuss what happened in the couple's relationship. She claims that when they first married, the two of them were happy. She had thought he was a great guy but is unsure what changed in him.

The petition that was filed for divorce claimed that they had separated in August of 2013 and that they were no longer living together. It also stated that the relationship among them was irretrievably broken. Shellie is reported to be seeking the equitable distribution of their assets and debts. She is also asking for custody of their two dogs.

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