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Recent Posts in Grounds for Divorce Category

  • No-Fault vs. Fault Divorce in Pennsylvania

    || 13-Aug-2018

    Some states, such as California and Nevada are called “no-fault” divorce states. Pennsylvania on the other hand, lets divorcing parties choose between no-fault and fault-based divorces. If you decide to pursue a no-fault divorce, you will have to be separated from your spouse for one year before you can file the divorce complaint. Once the one-year separation period passes and you file ...
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  • Adultery & a Pennsylvania No-Fault Divorce

    || 17-Apr-2017

    Some states, such as California and Nevada are called “no-fault” divorce states, meaning, people can’t get fault-based divorces in no-fault divorce states. Pennsylvania on the other hand, allows spouses to seek no-fault divorces and fault-based divorces. For the resident of Pennsylvania whose spouse cheated on them, this can get a little confusing. Suppose you’re married ...
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  • Grounds for Divorce in Pennsylvania

    || 24-Oct-2016

    Are you contemplating divorce? If you decide to take the plunge, in your divorce papers you will need to indicate on what "ground" you are divorcing. In other words, you must note the reason why you're filing for a divorce. In Pennsylvania, spouses can file for divorce on both fault and no-fault grounds. If a spouse wants to file a "fault" divorce, he or she is essentially ...
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  • Pennsylvania Divorce Law Overview

    || 26-Jul-2016

    For residents of Pennsylvania who are headed for divorce, to get the divorce started, one or both of the spouses must have been residents of Pennsylvania for at least six months. If you are the spouse asking for the divorce, you are considered the plaintiff. You would file a complaint that explains to the court your reasons for divorcing your spouse, who is called the "defendant." Your ...
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  • We Both Want a Divorce, What's Next?

    || 6-Jun-2016

    You and your spouse decided that after a long, hard look at your relationship, it's best that you go your separate ways. You may not agree on much else, but you both agree that it's time to get a divorce. So, what do you do next? In Pennsylvania, divorce actions are the same as any other lawsuit. In order to get the divorce started, one of you will have to file a complaint with the court ...
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  • Starting a Divorce in Pennsylvania

    || 15-Feb-2016

    Are you considering filing for divorce in Pennsylvania? If so, do you know what needs to be done in order for the process to get started? If you will be the one to initiate the divorce, you will be called the "plaintiff" and your spouse the "defendant." To begin, a legal document called a Complaint of Divorce will need to be filed at your local courthouse. The complaint will ...
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  • PA Divorces Need Shorter Waiting Period

    || 16-Nov-2015

    Even the friendlier divorces can be painful and exhausting, and they can affect you physically. From sleepless nights, to anxiety, grief, and everything in between, divorce isn't for the faint at heart. Further adding to the trauma, Pennsylvania divorces take longer than many other states. Now, the Pennsylvania legislature is faced with the possibility of shortening the time that it takes to ...
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  • House Bill 380 Would Reduce Divorce Waiting Period in PA

    || 19-Oct-2015

    HARRISBURG, Pa. – A Pennsylvania lawmaker believes that Pennsylvania's two-year waiting period for no-fault divorce is too long, and there are many divorce attorneys and Pennsylvania residents that agree. Rep. Tarah Toohil (R-Luzerne) is sponsoring legislation that would reduce the waiting period for couples seeking a no-fault divorce. According to Toohil, her proposal, House Bill 380 ...
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  • How Soon Can I Obtain a Pennsylvania No-Fault Divorce?

    || 21-Sep-2015

    If you're like most people, you have no desire to drag out your divorce, especially if you have children together. The longer a divorce takes, the more stress and the more expense. Even if you're feeling angry and bitter towards your spouse you can't ignore one fact: divorce war means more money out of the marital pot, hence less money to you in the divorce settlement. As Pennsylvania ...
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  • How Ashley Madison Membership Affects PA Divorces

    || 14-Sep-2015

    Ashley Madison, the controversial adultery website based in Canada has gained international attention in recent months after hackers released customer data, including names and home addresses of some 39 million users. The site known for its slogan, "Life is short. Have an affair" is not only the subject of a class action lawsuit requesting $578 million in damages, it's the sight that ...
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  • What If My Spouse Doesn't Want a Divorce?

    || 10-Aug-2015

    Relationships can be complicated and just because you want a divorce, it doesn't mean that your husband or wife does too. What happens if you want a divorce, but your spouse says they won't give you one? To answer this question, first we must look at the grounds for divorce in Pennsylvania, which can be either FAULT or NO-FAULT. For a "fault" divorce, you must be able to prove ...
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