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Blog Posts in October, 2013

  • Business & Divorce

    || 18-Oct-2013

    As a business owner, when you consider the option of a divorce, you also need to consider what the impact will be for your company. You have likely put a lot of money and effort into building it up and you don't want a change in your relationship to lead to a negative influence on your business. Divorce can have a significant financial impact but there are ways to handle it in a more efficient ...
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  • Rabbis Accused of Torturing Husbands Into Divorce

    || 11-Oct-2013

    Two rabbis are facing serious charges after being accused of conspiring in a plan to kidnap and torture husbands into granting their wives a divorce. Referred to as a "get," a Jewish divorce could be held up by a man that was unwilling to end the marriage in spite of his wife's wishes. Without the get, the women would be unable to date or marry. One of the rabbis who has been ...
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  • Lamar Odom & Khloe Kardashian Divorce Rumors Continue to Swirl

    || 4-Oct-2013

    The marriage of Lamar Odom and Khloe Kardashian has recently been receiving more attention than usual amidst rumors of a divorce. The couple has yet to file or admit that is the direction they are taking, but that has done little to quiet the gossip magazines. They married back in 2009 with the wedding being featured on the reality series that Kardashian was a part of. Odom is a former member of ...
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