Life After Divorce - Declutter your Closet

Divorce is an opportunity to redefine you. You realize your identity is no longer tied to being part of a couple, but now you are a single individual. A great place to start is with your closet.

Are you opening up your closet and not finding any inspiration? Do you wear the same outfit two to three times a week? Do you feel that you never have anything to wear?

Here are some questions to consider and even journal about:

  1. What do I want my clothes to say about me?
  2. Where did I get my sense of style from?
  3. Why have I been holding on to clothes that don't work for me?

Don't feel overwhelmed we have some great action steps that can start you off. Start with going through your closet and weeding out the clothes you don't wear – be honest, no one is looking. The clothes you have been saving for a special occasion, but never wore. Outfits that have been in your closet for a couple of years but never make out the door would be appreciated by your local charity. Don't forget to ask for a receipt for your donation, this comes in handy during tax time. Bag up those outfits that don't fit anymore - too tight, too big - find them a new home. Also, garments that have a stain, holes, are washed out or stretched out can easily be recycled into rags.

The next step in moving out the clutter is to get rid of those wiry hangers. Do you have a bunch of hangers from the dry cleaners clinging to your closet? Get rid of them. Go out and buy yourself some nice hangers. You've invested in your clothes, take care of that investment. You don't have to buy expensive hangers, shop around and you can come up with some deals.

With an affordable divorce, you can take some of the money you saved and put it towards a new you. To get started with your online divorce contact Attorney James Cairns at 888.863.9115 or click here and get started today.