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Client Services Agreement

(the fine print)

You will need to read and agree to the agreement below in The Divorce Wizard.

By clicking “Confirm Agreement” below, I understand and agree as follows:

I have completely and truthfully answered all questions relating to my case. If I have any questions regarding my eligibility to obtain a simple, uncontested, no-fault Pennsylvania divorce or any other services, I will email or call Cairns Law Offices (“CLO”) with my questions before I make payment for legal services.(email: or call 888-863-9115).

I understand that an attorney-client relationship is not established until I actually make payment. Once I actually make payment, I am indicating that I want CLO to represent me in order to provide the services I have chosen. If I have chosen divorce services and have not chosen to have a Settlement Agreement prepared by CLO, then I am hereby verifying that I do not require those services, that I may lose rights concerning alimony, division of property, lawyer’s fees or expenses, and that my rights concerning child support and/or custody are not being waived or changed. My rights have been adequately explained to me and/or I otherwise understand them. I hereby verify that I understand and agree to each specific service that I have chosen.

The fees I am paying are for specific, "limited scope" legal services and not comprehensive legal services. CLO will only correspond with me during the divorce proceedings. CLO will not give legal advice to my spouse. I understand that I am solely responsible for responding to any communications from my spouse, my spouse's attorney or other representatives. CLO does not negotiate terms of any settlement agreements and I must negotiate any such terms directly with my spouse or my spouse's attorney.

CLO cannot and does not guarantee how long it will take the court to process my case or that the court will grant a divorce. The time to complete my divorce can vary and CLO's time estimates are based on my prompt attention to CLO's instructions.

CLO guarantees that the fees charged are flat fees and that they won’t increase as long as my spouse and I consent to all of the proceedings and fully cooperate with CLO and follow all instructions.

CLO will serve my spouse via certified or restricted mail if I have chosen that service. This means that my spouse may be required to personally sign for the mail, or pick up the mail at the post office. I may wish to remind my spouse that the certified or restricted mail is being mailed to him/her. CLO does not send my spouse reminders. Additional charges will apply if I wish to have CLO re-serve my spouse.

If I have previously filed a divorce or annulment proceeding then I will need to discontinue that proceeding in order to complete my divorce, and that I will be emailed an invoice by CLO for (currently $75, subject to change) plus any court costs in order for CLO to file the discontinuance. I understand that I will have to pay all fees due and owing before my divorce is complete.

CLO will file my divorce case in any Pennsylvania county that CLO deems to be appropriate, and that the county of filing will not necessarily be the county where I or my spouse resides. I understand and agree that this is necessary in order to keep my legal fees and costs low, and that my divorce will be as valid as if brought in any other county. If my spouse or his/her attorney objects to the divorce in any way, CLO has the right to withdraw as my legal counsel and may discontinue the divorce case.

If I need to contact CLO I will contact them via email (or regular mail, with a self-addressed postage-paid envelope enclosed) at no additional charge to me. Phone calls are acceptable but I may be charged separately and in addition to fees already paid for the services I have chosen. I understand and agree that this helps to keep my fees low. I understand that the attorney who will perform legal services is located in Fairview, Pa which is located in Erie County, Pa.

I will forward any and all paperwork to my spouse that may be required, and to send all paperwork back to CLO that may be necessary or required to complete the services that I have chosen CLO to perform. If I choose name change services for my spouse then I am waiving any objections to CLO performing name change services for my spouse.

If my spouse or I do not respond or are slow respond to communications and/or instructions regarding my case, or if either of us provides incorrect information to CLO, then time-delays and additional work may be necessary which may cost me more money. I understand that I am required to have access to a printer to print documents (usually less than 5 pages total).

I will check for receipt of email at least as often as I check for receipt of my regular ground mail. I will make sure that emails from Cairns Law Offices and are not sent to my spam box or trash box by making sure my email settings are set accordingly. I will inform CLO if my email address changes.

If I or my spouse or my spouse's attorney contests, objects, files a counterclaim, or fails to cooperate or be available in any way with regard to any of the services I have chosen, or if either my spouse or I will not or cannot sign any the divorce paperwork, CLO shall be considered discharged from my case, CLO has the right to withdraw as my legal counsel and may discontinue the case. I hereby consent in advance to the discontinuance of my case and/or allowing CLO to withdraw as my attorney and will in fact consider CLO discharged. I will have to hire another attorney to obtain my divorce. I agree to follow instructions carefully and understand that my failure to do so may cause more work not anticipated by CLO at the advertised rates and that additional charges may be charged as a result. I AGREE THAT I WILL NOT BE ENTITLED TO A REFUND OF ANY MONEY OR FUNDS OF ANY TYPE THAT i HAVE PAID ONCE CLO BEGINS WORKING ON MY CASE. BY MAKING PAYMENT FOR LEGAL FEES, I HEREBY AGREE THAT I HAVE READ THIS CLIENT AGREEMENT AND AGREE TO AND UNDERSTAND ITS TERMS AND CONDITIONS.