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Recent Posts in Military Divorce Category

  • Can Military Spouses Get a Cheap, No-Fault Divorce?

    || 15-May-2017

    Marriage in the military can be very difficult, especially upon young couples who have only been together for a short while. Young military families often have to deal with one deployment after the next and frequent moves while the non-military spouse has to maintain the household and the family all by themselves for months at a time. Sometimes loneliness, adultery, or the strain of physical ...
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  • Child Custody in a Military Divorce

    || 23-Aug-2016

    When military families file for divorce, they have to figure out what's most important to them. Depending on their situation, it usually comes down to the children, spousal support, or the pension. If you are a service member or the spouse of a service member and you're contemplating divorce, you will likely be most concerned about the above issues. Who will have custody of the kids? How ...
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  • Dividing Military Pensions in a Divorce

    || 28-Mar-2016

    What is important to you? Is it the children, the military pension, or spousal support ? That is how our Pennsylvania divorce attorneys start conversations with service members or their spouses who are considering a divorce. The above three things are what's most important to people in a military divorce. How will the pension be divided? Will child and/or support be ordered and if so, how ...
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  • Military Divorce in Pennsylvania

    || 22-Feb-2016

    Are you and/or your spouse a member of the U.S. military? If so, then your divorce will not be identical to a civilian divorce; you will face unique differences. While a spouse can certainly obtain a divorce from an active duty member, there are specific state and federal laws that will apply to their divorce action. For example, a military divorce conducted in Pennsylvania may involve: The extra ...
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  • Overview of a Pennsylvania Military Divorce

    || 20-Apr-2015

    If you're getting divorced and one or both of you is a member of the United States military, then you will be facing some unique challenges that don't apply to civilians. While it is possible to obtain a military divorce, the process is not identical to the processes used by non-military spouses. To illustrate, when the defendant is on full-time duty, a 90-day waiting period applies, even ...
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  • How Military Divorces Differ

    || 6-Jan-2015

    Members of the United States Armed Forces have many unique and dangerous duties that oftentimes force them to move from place to place or remain deployed overseas for extended periods of time. Because of this, military divorces have several unique issues that must be considered. Pennsylvania law takes into consideration some of the many ways that being employed in the military necessitates a ...
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  • Military Divorce vs. Civilian Divorce in Pennsylvania

    || 22-Jul-2014

    As complex as any Pennsylvania divorce is, matters can become even more difficult in a divorce where military laws factor in as well. For instance, when it comes to child support and alimony, determining amounts, modifying the support agreement, and enforcing these court orders, it can be complicated to say the least. When at least one parent is on active duty military duty, creating a child ...
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  • Military Divorce is on the Decline.

    || 19-Feb-2013

    Military divorces are making headlines with a reported decrease in divorces. Last year the divorce rate declined to 3.5 percent according to data recently released by the Pentagon. Officials within the military are hopeful that the trend will continue, especially since military divorces increased over one percent in the last decade. Divorce has increased in the last ten years in all sectors of the ...
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  • 15 Factors Leading to Uncontested Divorce

    || 19-Jan-2013

    Your marriage is on the rocks and you need some kind of clue to try to figure out if you are really headed for an uncontested divorce. We have put together a list of potential risk factors which lead to a cheap and inexpensive uncontested divorce. Whether you live in Philadelphia, Erie, Harrisburg or anywhere in Pennsylvania, here are divorce risk factors to look for: 1. Females who serve in the ...
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  • Happy New Year from Cairns Law Offices

    || 1-Jan-2013

    Dear Clients, The Cairns Law Offices wishes everyone from Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Harrisburg, Erie, and all points between in the state of Pennsylvania a Happy New Year and heartfelt thanks for trusting our law firm with your uncontested divorce. Last year has been an incredible year for the growth of our services while never wavering in the quality of our services. Cairns Law Offices continues ...
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  • Guns, Uncontested Divorce & Marital Settlement Agreements

    || 21-Dec-2012

    Vernon Winfrey, Oprah Winfrey's father, looks like he is headed for a heated contested divorce. Divorce allegations include having an affair, income from a trust his daughter set up for him, and holding a gun during an argument with his sixty-four year old wife Barbara Winfrey. It has been reported that the million dollar residence is now gun free. In a tragic divorce situation, a spouse may ...
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  • What is a Pennsylvania Divorce Coach?

    || 12-Oct-2012

    The turn of the century brought about demand for a helper in the field of uncontested divorces, called "divorce coaches". Getting a divorce coach is an extension of the idea that it's best to have help when something important needs to be done right the first time. Much like a wedding planner helps to take care of wedding details, a divorce coach takes care of the details of a ...
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  • 100 Uncontested Divorce Blogs And Counting

    || 10-Oct-2012

    Dear Clients and Readers, This is our 100th blog on simple, no fault, uncontested Pennsylvania Divorces. I have written these blogs with you in mind, and by remembering what I went through in my own divorce process. Thank you for being part of the success of the pioneering work of eDivorce. Your support and feedback have been instrumental in keeping the uncontested divorces of the Cairns Law ...
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  • 3 Forms of Marital Abuse

    || 4-Oct-2012

    All possible red flags of abusive relationships should be seriously taken into consideration. Perhaps your relationship doesn't seem as abusive as the latest show on TV, but any form of abuse is just plain abuse – no matter how small or big it may feel at the time. In this blog I have listed some types of abuse which a spouse may suffer from; this is not an exhaustive list. If you feel ...
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  • First Step in Abusive Relationship

    || 3-Oct-2012

    You may be feeling that you are experiencing a variety of troubling emotions or circumstances in your marriage. You might be wondering why your marriage doesn't seem normal. Do you feel that something just isn't right and find yourself making excuses or covering up your spouse's behavior in order to try keep the peace? You may not know it, but you may have already taken the first step ...
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  • Military Divorce and PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)

    || 16-Sep-2012

    Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), previously called battle fatigue syndrome or shell shock, is a mental health issue which can affect can affect soldiers and their families. Veterans who have PTSD have reported a greater number of problems with adjusting to family life, parenting skills and marital relationships. According to research, less than half of the soldiers who have reported PTSD ...
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  • Even uncontested divorces are difficult emotionally. You have to decide that you want to work on forgiving your spouse and possibly yourself. The benefits of forgiveness are numerous including having a more amicable divorce, more easily working out a marital settlement agreement and being able to more effectively co-parent your children in the future. Keep in mind that forgiveness is a process. In ...
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  • Can I Get Military Retirement Pay After Divorce?

    || 11-Sep-2012

    One of the main concerns for divorcing couples is if military retirement pay is mandatory. The Uniformed Services Former Spouse Protection Act (USFSPA) of 1982 does not mandate that a former military spouse be paid retirement benefits. What the act allows is for military retirement to be treated as marital property, meaning the retirement account can be divided during an simple, no-fault, ...
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  • Military Uncontested Divorce and Health Care ID Cards

    || 10-Sep-2012

    Your military ID card or a dependent card gives you access to different benefits such as TRICARE and support agencies. If you do not have your military ID card you will first have to be in the DEERS (Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System) program. If you have a sponsor, your sponsor will have to enter you into the DEERS program. A sponsor does have the option of not signing an ...
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  • Military Divorce & TRICARE Child Health Care Benefits

    || 7-Sep-2012

    An uncontested military divorces is unique and brings a whole new set of questions into the act of dissolving a marriage. One of the greatest concerns is continued health coverage. TRICARE is a civilian health benefits program for military personnel, retired military, dependents and eligible former spouses. Keeping your Children Safe Healthcare for children is at the top of the list of growing ...
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  • Olympic Athletes Save Family from Divorce Effects

    || 12-Aug-2012

    Two Olympic stars have been burdened by divorce and the devastating effects of not having a well planned marital settlement agreement. Despite their personal family upheavals, Gabby Douglas and Ryan Lochte have risen as champions during the recent London Olympic games. Lochte has taken over the title of the world's greatest swimmer and Douglas has created world history as the first ...
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  • 6 Expensive Divorce Mistakes You Can't Afford

    || 3-Aug-2012

    Once your Pennsylvania uncontested divorce process is under way you will need to seriously consider updating your personal and legal documents. Some of the documents you may not even think about because you thought you were done with them long ago. Now that your are divorced, you need to get the basics in place. They can include anything from your will to emergency contact numbers. Your will is a ...
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  • Filing for Divorce versus Serving Papers

    || 21-Jul-2012

    Filing for divorce and serving papers for a divorce can sound the same, but they are two different actions. Having your papers filed for divorce is the first step in the divorce process. The process of filing for divorce will be taken care of once you hire an attorney, who will file the appropriate paperwork with the Clerk of Courts – which officially makes your divorce a legal case. Then ...
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  • Is it necessary to go to court or attend hearings?

    || 21-Jun-2012

    In the state of Pennsylvania, when you and your spouse are in agreement for divorce this is called an uncontested divorce. An uncontested divorce is sometimes also referred to as a "simple" divorce or a "no-fault" divorce. You do not have to go to court or even attend hearings to obtain an uncontested divorce. Although you do not have to attend court there is a residency ...
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  • 5 Questions to ask Before Starting a Military Divorce

    || 17-Jun-2012

    Going through a military divorce is painful. You are not alone, last year military divorces hit an all time high since 1999. There are a lot of reasons military divorces continue to increase. Causes for divorce stem from years of deployment to increased war time activities, both in preparation and actual combat duty time. This leads to intimate relationships being tested and often ending in ...
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