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Recent Posts in Father's Rights Category

  • Do Moms Have an Unfair Advantage in Divorce?

    || 6-Aug-2018

    If you’re a father who is headed toward divorce, you may be nervous about the proceeding, especially if you have children under eighteen with your wife. After all, it wasn’t long ago when fathers seemed to get the short end of the stick in Pennsylvania divorces. We’re willing to bet that you can think of several examples of divorces where the mother ended up with the kids and ...
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  • Pennsylvania Changes Loophole Regarding Rapist Fathers' Rights

    || 9-Jul-2014

    A bill that would amend Pennsylvania unanimously passed the Pennsylvania house last month. This law concerns a loophole which allows rapist fathers to obtain custody and visitation rights of a child that was conceived due to rape. The mothers of these children naturally do not want the rapist-father to have a relationship with the child. Pennsylvania has been dealing with this issue for a while. ...
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