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Recent Posts in Child Custody Category

  • Divorce Inevitably Brings Change

    || 3-Jul-2017

    If you're headed towards divorce, you probably have a lot on your mind, especially if you have children with your spouse. Initially, you’ll need to decide on asset and debt division, child custody, and where you’re going to live. If you’ve been out of the workforce while raising your children, you may have to think about going back to work or school, or both. Right now, your ...
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  • Financial Tips for Divorcing Fathers

    || 5-Jun-2017

    If you are a father who is headed towards divorce, you probably have several concerns. Will I have to pay child support and if so, how much? Will I have to pay spousal support? Will I have to move out of my home? Will we have to put our house on the market? Will I be able to take care of myself, after supporting my children and possibly my ex? Surely, money is probably one of the top things on ...
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  • Can Military Spouses Get a Cheap, No-Fault Divorce?

    || 15-May-2017

    Marriage in the military can be very difficult, especially upon young couples who have only been together for a short while. Young military families often have to deal with one deployment after the next and frequent moves while the non-military spouse has to maintain the household and the family all by themselves for months at a time. Sometimes loneliness, adultery, or the strain of physical ...
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  • Pennsylvania Marital Settlement Agreements

    || 1-May-2017

    If you are living in Pennsylvania and you’re researching a simple, uncontested, no-fault divorce, you probably have some questions. What will happen to my children? Can I work out property division without having an expensive divorce? Will we need a marital settlement agreement? Here at Cairns Law Offices, we specifically help married couples obtain simple, affordable, no-fault divorces for ...
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  • Reaching a Child Custody Agreement in PA

    || 24-Apr-2017

    Here at Cairns Law Offices, we help spouses achieve simple, low-cost, no-fault divorces. In fact, we help spouses seeking a “mutual consent” divorce do it all for just $219. “Is it more expensive if I have children and need a child custody agreement?” No, it is not. As long as you and your spouse agree to cooperate and come to an agreement on child custody and property ...
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  • Cheap, No-Fault Divorce in Pennsylvania

    || 10-Apr-2017

    If it were easier to get divorced in most states, we’d probably have more divorces, now wouldn’t we? For many unhappy spouses, splitting from their spouse is not the issue, but the process is what stresses them out, and reasonably so! If you’re a resident of Pennsylvania, getting divorced doesn’t have to cost you $2,000, $4,000, or even more like it does in most parts of ...
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  • Child Custody in PA: Which Parent is Best?

    || 27-Mar-2017

    When parents decide to divorce in Pennsylvania, they will have a lot to consider, especially in regards to child custody. As every divorcing parent knows, child custody can be a very sensitive issue. What works for one family, may not work for the next. For example, just because your neighbor got her three kids in the divorce and her ex-husband only sees the children every other weekend, that ...
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  • Contempt of Court in a PA Family Law Case

    || 13-Mar-2017

    When couples obtain divorces in Pennsylvania, typically these individuals will sign marital settlement agreements, which address property and debt division, and child custody. As written documents in a divorce, these agreements are legally enforceable in court. If one of the divorcées fails to hold up their end of the marital settlement agreement, they can take their ex-husband or wife to ...
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  • Is a Cheap Divorce Too Good to Be True?

    || 9-Jan-2017

    For tens of thousands of couples, the “cost” of divorce keeps them from ending an empty, unsatisfying, or otherwise hollow marriage. They’ve heard of divorces costing spouses $3,000 to $5,000 each, if not more, and they’re afraid they can’t afford to end their unhappy marriage so they decide to “grin and bear it, sometimes for years on end. If you live in ...
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  • Can a Divorce Agreement Be Changed?

    || 27-Dec-2016

    If you have decided to get a divorce, you may or may not be apprehensive about the whole process. For example, if you and your spouse have minor children together and you have acquired some marital assets, such as a nice home with a little equity, you may be nervous about child custody and property division. When we represent clients in their divorce actions, we highly recommend that spouses ...
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  • What does Separate & Apart Mean During an Uncontested Divorce?

    || 5-Dec-2016

    With relationships changing in Philadelphia and across Pennsylvania and the country, definitions legal terms can be confusing. To help sort through the legal terminology for an uncontested divorce, we have dedicated this blog to explaining the meaning of the term "separate and apart" in Pennsylvania. You must be living separate and apart to get a Pennsylvania divorce. Our current ...
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  • Can Parents Decide on Child Custody?

    || 5-Oct-2016

    If you are headed for divorce, you probably have a lot of questions, especially if you have children. Surely, you've heard your share of divorce horror stories over the years from friends, family and co-workers, so naturally, these tales may have you concerned about your own divorce. If you have minor children with your spouse, one of your biggest concerns is probably child custody. Will the ...
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  • Advantages of a Marital Settlement Agreement

    || 12-Sep-2016

    In Pennsylvania, divorcing couples can get divorced the easy way or they can get divorced the "hard way." By the hard way, we're talking about the two-year separation divorce where one of the spouses refuses to consent to the divorce. In these situations, one spouse wants a divorce and the other spouse won't have it. In effect, the stalling spouse is simply stretching out or ...
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  • Child Custody in a Military Divorce

    || 23-Aug-2016

    When military families file for divorce, they have to figure out what's most important to them. Depending on their situation, it usually comes down to the children, spousal support, or the pension. If you are a service member or the spouse of a service member and you're contemplating divorce, you will likely be most concerned about the above issues. Who will have custody of the kids? How ...
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  • Can I Date Before I'm Divorced?

    || 8-Aug-2016

    We are frequently asked, "Can I date while my divorce is pending in the courts?" Since our firm deals with simple, uncontested, no-fault divorces, where a divorce can be achieved once the 90-day waiting period passes, it's often a better idea to wait it out, but we understand that it's not always that easy. If you and your spouse agree to a no-fault divorce, that's great and ...
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  • Pennsylvania: Child Custody Facts

    || 2-Aug-2016

    For those who are unfamiliar with the law, there can be some confusion or misunderstanding surrounding Pennsylvania's child custody laws. If you are on the brink of divorce, you may not be sure of your parental rights, and we're here to shed light on the subject. Here are some facts about child custody in Pennsylvania that you may not have been aware of. If you are interested in learning ...
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  • Will Moving Out Affect My Property Rights?

    || 5-Jul-2016

    If you are headed for divorce, you will have to decide who will stay in the house over the short-term, who will pay the lease or mortgage, and what will happen to the home. These are important factors to consider and you don't want to make a quick decision without first consulting with an experienced divorce attorney. Are you the breadwinner? If so, will you continue paying for your ...
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  • Pennsylvania Child Custody Basics

    || 16-May-2016

    If you are a parent who is headed for divorce, you will need to familiarize yourself with Pennsylvania's child custody laws. Ideally, you and your spouse will be able to reach a child custody agreement with the help of your respective attorneys, but if you can't agree on a parenting plan, the court will have to decide for you. To begin a child custody action, a custody complaint must be ...
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  • How Adultery Affects Pennsylvania Divorces

    || 11-Apr-2016

    If your marriage is in trouble and adultery is a factor, you may be wondering if cheating has any impact on a Pennsylvania divorce – this is a valid question indeed. Cheating destroys many relationships and marriages each year. If your marriage has fallen apart because you or your spouse had an affair, you'll want to know if the cheating will affect spousal support, property division, or ...
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  • How Can I Get a Custody Order in Pennsylvania?

    || 28-Sep-2015

    If you are a parent who is getting a divorce, you may be wondering about child custody. What are the different types of custody? How do you go about getting a custody order? These are valid questions, especially if you've never been through this before. When the court makes a decision about child custody, it decides who gets legal custody and who gets physical custody. Legal custody refers to ...
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  • FAQs About Child Custody in Pennsylvania

    || 29-Jun-2015

    If you are a parent who is getting a divorce, you likely have questions about Pennsylvania's child custody laws, and reasonably so. Here, we are providing a list of frequently asked questions about child custody. For additional information, don't hesitate to contact our office to schedule a consultation with a member of our legal team! What types of custody are there? In Pennsylvania, ...
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  • Uncontested divorce attorney Laurence Rutenberg has died, and Cairns Law Offices would like to help his clients finish thier cases cheaply and quickly (for as little as $219). Attorney Rutenberg filed his divorce cases in Potter County, and many of his clients and prospective clients are now unable to finish the divorces that Attorney Rutenberg filed for them, or was going to file for them. ...
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  • Richard Gere and Estranged Wife Fighting Over $100M

    || 4-May-2015

    Actor Richard Gere and his estranged wife, Carey Lowell are battling over an estimated $100 million in divorce court. Though the couple, who have been married for 12 years, already settled the child custody portion of their divorce some time ago, they are still battling over Gere's millions. The last time Gere appeared at the Manhattan Supreme Court, he angrily poked his umbrella at press ...
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  • Why It's Best When Couples Reach a Marital Settlement Agreement

    || 27-Apr-2015

    When a Pennsylvania couple files for divorce, their marital property is subject to the rules of equitable distribution. Unlike community property states such as California, this does not mean that the marital property is divided 50/50. Rather, marital property is divided in a manner that the judge believes is "fair." In a Pennsylvania divorce, property is categorized as either separate ...
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  • Does Moving Out Affect Child Custody?

    || 14-Apr-2015

    If you're going through a divorce in Pennsylvania, there's a good chance that you're wondering if you should move out of the family home before, during, or after your divorce case. It depends. If you are even slightly concerned that child custody may be a contested issue, we suggest thinking twice before you make the move. When one spouse moves out of the house without the kids, they ...
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