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Recent Posts in Asset Protection Category

  • Tips for Negotiating a Divorce Settlement

    || 3-Dec-2018

    As a divorce firm that focuses on no-fault divorces, we work with spouses who have put their differences aside and agreed to negotiate a divorce settlement. Some of these couples already know what they want before they come to our firm, while others need some help in the negotiations department. If you’re planning on seeking a cheap, no-fault divorce, we commend you for working toward a ...
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  • How Do I Protect My Assets in a PA Divorce?

    || 2-Oct-2018

    When people decide to divorce, they’re usually concerned about what will happen to their assets. They want to know the fate of their bank accounts, retirement accounts, real estate, investments, and sometimes family-owned businesses. Most clients have a general idea that divorce will touch on all of these things but they don’t know to what extent. Will everything be divided down the ...
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  • What to do with my wedding ring?

    || 27-Feb-2013

    Wedding rings symbolize eternal love between spouses and are generally given in a moment of bliss. Yet, when facing an uncontested divorce, a ring can evoke some very painful memories. As you navigate through your uncontested divorce, one of the very difficult questions can be: What do I do with the ring? Pennsylvania law states that an engagement ring is a conditional gift. If you get married the ...
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