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Blog Posts in January, 2016

  • Advantages of a 'Mutual Consent' Divorce in PA

    || 25-Jan-2016

    Have you been served with a divorce complaint? If so, you may be pondering whether you'll consent to that divorce your husband or wife wants, or whether you'll put up a fight. In "no fault" divorce states, such as California, a judge will grant a divorce without any delay so long as one of the spouses wants out. However, it's not that simple in Pennsylvania. In Pennsylvania, ...
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  • Divorce Mistake: Staying Financially Connected

    || 18-Jan-2016

    When you get divorced, your finances will probably shift dramatically. If you make a financial mistake, it can end up costing you dearly in the end. Divorce is something that roughly 50 percent of married Americans find themselves navigating and once January arrives, divorce attorneys across the country see an uptick in divorces – which is why it's been coined "divorce month." ...
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  • I'm Divorcing: How Do I File My Taxes?

    || 11-Jan-2016

    When you get a divorce, it brings up the question about how to file your income taxes. Will you file jointly or singly for 2015? Who gets to claim the kids as dependents? It all comes down to your marital status at midnight on December 31st, for that is what's used to determine whether you file jointly or as a single person. So, if you were officially divorced by midnight December 31st, you ...
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  • Pet Custody in a PA Divorce

    || 4-Jan-2016

    When people are divorcing, do they really fight over pets? You bet they do. If you pay attention to the headlines, you may have heard the recent story about the singer/actress, Mandy Moore and Ryan Adams, her estranged husband. Moore recently asked for spousal support to cover the costs of caring for the former couple's eight pets. While it's a unique approach, it's not one that ...
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