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Blog Posts in November, 2015

  • Can Someone Hide Assets During Divorce?

    || 30-Nov-2015

    On occasion, some married spouses lie about finances during their marriage. While it's not illegal to keep a purchase secrete from a spouse or withhold the details about one's earnings from a husband or wife – that changes when you get a divorce. In fact, when couples get a divorce each spouse must be open and honest about their finances, including their income, assets and debts ...
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  • What is a No-Fault Divorce in Pennsylvania?

    || 24-Nov-2015

    If you are thinking about filing for divorce in Pennsylvania, you'll have to decide if you're going to file on fault grounds or no-fault grounds. With a "no-fault" divorce, you're not required to blame your spouse for the breakdown of the marriage, for example, you don't have to claim that they cheated or abused you. Instead, you're stating that you wish to get a ...
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  • PA Divorces Need Shorter Waiting Period

    || 16-Nov-2015

    Even the friendlier divorces can be painful and exhausting, and they can affect you physically. From sleepless nights, to anxiety, grief, and everything in between, divorce isn't for the faint at heart. Further adding to the trauma, Pennsylvania divorces take longer than many other states. Now, the Pennsylvania legislature is faced with the possibility of shortening the time that it takes to ...
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  • Why January is Popular for Divorce

    || 9-Nov-2015

    Now that Thanksgiving is around the corner and we're headed into the busy holiday season, we're approaching January, which many divorce attorneys call "divorce month." The holiday lights may be coming down around New Year's, but that doesn't stop our phones from lighting up like Christmas trees. Divorce law firms are busy after the holidays; the surge begins on ...
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  • What You Need to Know About Taxes After Divorce

    || 2-Nov-2015

    With the holidays quickly approaching, we're reminded that once again it will be time to file our taxes. If you're getting divorced and you think that it'll be final by Dec. 31, then there are a few things that you need to know. Once you're divorced, there are many tax aspects that are going to be different. For example, if you are officially divorced by Dec. 31, the IRS considers ...
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