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Blog Posts in March, 2015

  • Can My Cheating Spouse Receive Alimony?

    || 30-Mar-2015

    There's no question that cheating leads to many divorces in the United States every year, and with old and new romances igniting on social media such as Facebook, it seems as if cheating is becoming more common than ever before. If your marriage has been destroyed by adultery, you may be wondering if the affair can affect your legal rights in a divorce. In states such as California and ...
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  • Good Morning America's Lara Spencer is Getting Divorced

    || 23-Mar-2015

    Good Morning America's co-host, Lara Spencer announced that she and her husband, David Haffenreffer are filing for divorce. The couple released a statement to Page Six in March, explaining their decision to divorce after 15 years of marriage, and two children. In their statement, the couple said that after a lot of thought, care and consideration, they have decided to end their marriage. While ...
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  • Should You Consider Custody Mediation?

    || 16-Mar-2015

    When it comes to divorce, aside from property division one of the more vulnerable areas revolves around child custody. Even in the most amicable divorces, parents can reach a roadblock when it comes time to agree on a child custody and visitation arrangement. If you and your spouse can't decide on where the kids should go to school, who should get them on vacation, or where they will live most ...
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  • Why You May Want a Prenup

    || 9-Mar-2015

    Although prenuptial agreements are readily associated with the Brad and Angelinas of the world – they are not just for rich celebrities. Essentially, any individual who is bringing any measurable personal or business assets into a marriage could benefit from a prenup. In the most basic sense, a prenuptial agreement provides for a full disclosure of each person's premarital assets, and if ...
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  • Stars of "Sister Wives" Reveal Reason for Divorce

    || 2-Mar-2015

    The stars from TLC's hit series "Sister Wives" finally reveal the real reason behind Meri's divorce from Kody in the season finale. In the previous episode, fans were in shock as Meri, Kody's only legal wife, sought out a divorce lawyer to discuss the possibility of filing for divorce. Why was she separating from her husband? What will this mean to the "Sister ...
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