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Blog Posts in October, 2014

  • Feel Better About Yourself After Divorce

    || 29-Oct-2014

    It is easy for a person to get down on themselves following a divorce. A person may wonder what went wrong, or have a difficult time adjusting to their new life without their partner. One of the most important things a person can do following a divorce is to maintain their own health and well-being. When children are involved, this may be more difficult, but making sure that the individual is ...
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  • Online Dating May Lead to Break-Ups Down the Road

    || 23-Oct-2014

    A recent study that examined the effects of online dating on relationships has revealed that while online dating makes a wider range of people available, it also makes it easier to break up with those people. Nearly 3,000 individuals took part in this study, which revealed that while people go on more dates, it can lead to less people finding long-term partners online. The study revealed three ...
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  • Cheating Clause in Pitt-Jolie Prenuptial Agreement

    || 16-Oct-2014

    Hollywood power couple Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt made headlines earlier in August with their secret wedding. In high profile marriages that involve significant amounts of money, it is commonplace for couples to sign a prenuptial agreement before a marriage. Cheating Clause in Prenuptial Agreement With a combined net worth of over $420 million, the couple signed a prenuptial agreement before ...
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  • Schwarzenegger Divorce to Be Finalized in December

    || 8-Oct-2014

    Former California governor and actor Arnold Schwarzenegger and ex-wife Maria Shriver will finalize their divorce in December. The divorce will be granted three years after the couple separated in 2011. Divorce Finalized After Three Years The finalization of the divorce comes after the former couple reached an agreement about their $400 million fortune and the division of their property. ...
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  • Postnuptial Agreements in Pennsylvania

    || 1-Oct-2014

    A lot of focus is given to agreements made before a marriage, also known as prenups. These agreements allow a couple to map out what will happen if they decide to divorce. However, there are other options for couples that are already married but would still like to set legal boundaries regarding assets and property. This option is called a postnuptial agreement, and can hold up in most family ...
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