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Blog Posts in November, 2014

  • How is Alimony Decided in a Pennsylvania Divorce?

    || 26-Nov-2014

    Spousal support, also called alimony, involves monthly or regular payments that one spouse makes to the other following a divorce. The purpose of alimony is to prevent one spouse from becoming financially destitute due to this change of circumstance. Oftentimes, alimony will only have to be paid for a limited time, until the other spouse is able to financially support themselves. How much alimony ...
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  • Laws on Marital Property in Pennsylvania

    || 19-Nov-2014

    Marital property is all of the property a couple acquires in the time that they are married to one another. In the event of divorce, this property will be split according to the laws of the state they are divorcing in. Pennsylvania is an equitable distribution state, which means that property will be split in the way that the court feels to be the most fair. What is looked at when determining ...
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  • Church Shifts Attitude Towards Non-Traditional Families

    || 13-Nov-2014

    The Roman Catholic Church, led by Pope Francis, convened at the Vatican to release a document concerning the changing state of the American family. Roman Catholic bishops called upon the rest of the Catholic community to accept gay individuals, unmarried couples, divorced individuals, and the children that belong to these untraditional families. What does this mean for families worldwide? The ...
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  • Is Collaborative Divorce Right for You?

    || 6-Nov-2014

    The attorneys at Cairns Law Offices believe that divorce does not need to be a long, drawn-out, and draining process. Many couples are choosing to end their marriages with the understanding that not all relationships work and it is not necessarily one person's fault when a marriage ends. For those that seek to dissolve their marriage with this understanding, a collaborative divorce may be the ...
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