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Blog Posts in June, 2014

  • Legal Update: Same Sex Divorce in Pennsylvania

    || 30-Jun-2014

    Pennsylvania has agreed to recognize same-sex marriage throughout the state, which opens up the door for petitions regarding same-sex divorce. Professionals say that the same standards that apply for heterosexual divorces will now also apply for same sex couples that want to separate. Bucks County, Pennsylvania received their first petition for a homosexual divorce last month. Pennsylvania divorce ...
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  • How Is Child Custody Decided in a Pennsylvania Divorce?

    || 24-Jun-2014

    In each of Pennsylvania's 67 counties, there are different rules that govern family law, though all family judges will strive to find the "best interests of the child" in coming to a determination about child custody. This requires the court to factor in any history of substance abuse on a parent's part, each parent's ability to provide for the child, the child's ...
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  • Pennsylvania's Residency Requirement Is Six Months While there are expedited forms of divorce available, it is important to note that the prologue to the divorce process will take at least six months. This does not mean, however, that you had to have gotten married in Pennsylvania, or that you both must have been living in Pennsylvania for the last six months. Only one spouse needs to fulfill ...
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  • How Long Does Divorce Take in Pennsylvania?

    || 10-Jun-2014

    It depends on what kind of divorce we're talking about. If you go the peaceful route of the no-fault divorce, it can take a matter of five months, which would include a 90-day wait after filing for the divorce, a wait to allow both parties to "cool off". With Cairns Law Offices, however, a no-fault divorce in Pennsylvania could take as little as four weeks to finish. If, however, ...
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  • Philadelphia Courts: Child Custody Cases Can Face Yearlong Delays

    || 4-Jun-2014

    According to the data, family courts in Philadelphia are so congested that it takes a year in some cases to even have the first court hearing for child custody. Over the past three years, thousands of families have suffered from the insane delays. One official blames this in part on a 2010 law that told courts to make the decision when a parent with a criminal record wants custody, or even when ...
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