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Blog Posts in May, 2013

  • Divorce is Final for Courtney Cox and David Arquette

    || 30-May-2013

    It's official, Courteney Cox and David Arquette have finalized their divorce. After twelve years of marriage and two years of separation, the Los Angeles Superior Court officially dissolved their marriage. Both Cox and Arquette claim to have an amicable divorce. They have praised each other in public and claim that they still love each other and are best friends, but have just grown apart. ...
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  • KT Tunstall Homeless After Divorce

    || 28-May-2013

    Divorce dramatically changes your life. Often the economics of divorce can inflict the biggest wounds, as finances shift downward. KT Tunstall (singer, songwriter and guitarist) stunned the world when she announced that she was homeless after her divorce. After four years of marriage, Tunstall found herself in London's High Court divorced by Judge Susannah Walker. The divorce was granted on ...
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  • Body Language During Marital Settlement Agreements

    || 23-May-2013

    During your marital settlement agreement negotiations, you may be saying one thing, but your body language may be saying something else. Being aware of your body language and the signals it is sending during an uncontested divorce can help you get to your goals faster. You don't want to be sending mixed signals and steal power from your words. Start with your face. Are you smiling when you ...
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  • What To Wear When Negotiating Your Marital Settlement Agreement

    || 20-May-2013

    Our first inclination in communicating during an uncontested divorce is to use our verbal skills. You will find heaps of information on how to talk to your spouse, how to talk to your teenager and even how to talk with older parents who are divorcing. One critical area of communication when negotiating a marital settlement agreement which is often overlooked is visual communication. Environmental ...
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  • Throw A Tantrum During Uncontested Divorce

    || 17-May-2013

    Anger is a natural emotion during an uncontested divorce, and at times it can seem like you're just going to blow your lid. Now there is a new style of anger management available for those times when you just need to blow off some steam. The Tantrum Club offers a unique way to release some of that pent-up anger. Too often we receive the cultural message that it's not polite to show your ...
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  • An Uncontested Divorce Talk With Your Teenager.

    || 14-May-2013

    Teenagers often have to carry the stereotype of being difficult communicate with and challenging parents in a variety of different ways. During an uncontested Pennsylvania divorce, being able to talk and listen with your teenager can make a substantial difference on how he or she handles changes in the family. Although your teenager may seem to be leaving you out of her personal life, it's ...
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  • Shakira- Divorce Without Marriage?

    || 11-May-2013

    Many couples who co-habitat, but never marry, are looking for ways to have a pseudo-divorce. Most recently, Shakira, the Columbian pop-star, is being sued by her now ex-boyfriend Antonio de la Rua (son of the former Argentine President Fernando de la Rua). Current estimates for the lawsuit range from 100 million to 250 million dollars. The mega-superstar is fighting back. She has already filed ...
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  • Single Parent Time Outs and Uncontested Divorce

    || 8-May-2013

    Becoming a single parent after an uncontested divorce brings a new set of challenges. Sometimes, caring single parents focuse so much attention on caring for their children that they overlook caring for themselves in the process. Don't let guilt get in your way- make sure to indulge yourself a bit. On a daily basis, take at least fifteen minutes a day for yourself. You are worth at least ...
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  • How to Shop for A Cheap Uncontested Divorce

    || 5-May-2013

    Searching for a cheap uncontested divorce can seem like a maze with different options available. There are some key elements that you should take a look at before retaining an uncontested divorce attorney. Looking into these different areas will help assure that you have a good uncontested divorce lawyer helping you for a affordable rate. Start with the word "cheap". What does cheap mean ...
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  • Beauty Contest Winner Speaks Up About Divorce

    || 2-May-2013

    Beauty queen Katrina Jayne Rivera Dimaranan has publicly voiced her opinion about divorce. The 2012 winner of the Miss Binibining Pilipinas Tourism 2012 stated that divorce should be legal in the Philippines, a country which currently does not legally allow for divorce. As the Pilipina beauty pageant reaches its fifth anniversary this year, women are demonstrating that they are more than their ...
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