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Blog Posts in August, 2013

  • Does Divorce Cause Depression?

    || 29-Aug-2013

    Going through a divorce is without doubt a difficult situation. It can bring a lot of buried emotions to the surface and force them to be dealt with. It is also a significant change and for many people, such a substantial shift in their lives can often be a tough thing to go through at the time. But does divorce lead to depression? One recent study seems to combat the age old view that most people ...
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  • The Influence of Social Media on Your Divorce

    || 22-Aug-2013

    Social media is a part of our culture these days. A large portion of people have at least one form of a social profile or social platform. Whether they are keeping in touch through Facebook, Tweeting updates or posting pictures and videos on Instagram, a lot of people share personal aspects of their life with the general public. While there are privacy setting that can help limit who sees what, ...
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  • Michael Moore Files For Divorce

    || 13-Aug-2013

    The general public is normally taken by surprise when the long marriage of a celebrity comes to an end. Michael Moore, the champion of the common guy, has filed for divorce from his wife, Kathleen Glynn. After twenty one years of marriage, the couple find themselves dissolving their union. Fifty-nine year old Moore filed a divorce complaint in Antrim, Michigan. The grounds were due to the ...
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  • How to Move On After an Uncontested Pennsylvania Divorce

    || 5-Aug-2013

    The ink has dried on your uncontested divorce decree, and it's time to redefine yourself and move forward. You are not the same person who exchanged vows with your ex-spouse, life has thrown you some curve balls and you have survived. Healing will take time, but here are some tips on how to move forward. Accept yourself and where you are in your post-divorce life. Don't get stuck in the ...
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