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Blog Posts in July, 2012

  • Chris Larson - Sports, Art & Divorce

    || 31-Jul-2012

    Since the end of last year, fans have been hearing about divorce matters between Christopher Larson, partial owner of the Seattle Mariners, and his wife Julia Calhoun. After twenty-four years of marriage the couple filed for divorce and had a three week battle in court. Many followers focused on the impact of the sports team. Less people knew about their world-class art collection. Even though ...
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  • Difference Between Uncontested & Contested Divorce

    || 30-Jul-2012

    When considering getting a divorce in Pennsylvania, there are two basic options. Uncontested divorce and contested divorce are the two options available to couples who are ready to be divorced in Pennsylvania. A contested divorce is when the couple cannot come to an agreement on the terms of their divorce such as assets division and debt division. An uncontested divorce means that the divorcing ...
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  • How Marital Settlement Agreements Save You Money

    || 29-Jul-2012

    A marital settlement agreement, also referred to as a MSA, is an opportunity for couples to save money on the division of their assets and debts, without having a judge decide for them. If a couple is not able to come to an agreement they will spend a considerable amount more in money and time fighting the issues out in court. The trend of today’s savvy divorcing couples is to spell out ...
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  • Famous Olympic Divorces

    || 28-Jul-2012

    The summer 2012 Olympic opening ceremony has already passed into the records of history. This year a total of thirty-five Olympians from Pennsylvania headed to London. Olympic hopefuls range from Kobe Bryant (basketball) born in Philadelphia, to fifty year old archery team leader Cindy Bevilacqua from Middletown. Many Olympian stars have had every moment of their triumphs and losses covered. ...
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  • Avvo Reviews & Why You Should Read Them

    || 27-Jul-2012

    So you think you've found a good lawyer to handle your simple, uncontested, no-fault divorce. How can you be sure? Studies show that client reviews are one of the best ways to check on the performance of a lawyer. Avvo is the hallmark site for attorney reviews, where you will find unbiased information in an easy to use format. Best of all, the service is provided to you free of charge. Avvo ...
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  • Divorce Around the World- Different Strokes

    || 26-Jul-2012

    Pennsylvania has some very liberal divorce laws compared to other states. We can get you an uncontested, simple, no-fault divorce in Pennsylvania in between 2 weeks to 4 months and we don't charge more for our fast service. But have you ever wondered how others in the world have gone about obtaining their divorces and what they think of the process? Here is a global sampler of divorce. We have ...
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  • Pennsylvania Divorces in a Hotel?

    || 25-Jul-2012

    Mabye someday, but not quite yet. But there is a Divorce Hotel, based in the Netherlands, that is giving couples the opportunity to divorce over the weekend. Couples check-in on a Friday and by Monday check out as divorced individuals. Seventeen couples have already tried the service. The fastest simple, no-fault, uncontested Pennsylvania divorce that we have handled so far has been 14 days from ...
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  • Divorce Insurance

    || 23-Jul-2012

    Divorce is on the rise worldwide and has resulted in substantial personal economic changes, at times ending in bankruptcy or poverty. One of the solutions that came out on the modern market is divorce insurance. There has only been one company worldwide which has offered a financial safety-net in case of divorce, known as WedLock Divorce Insurance. They way it worked was through selling units. For ...
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  • Smoking is Grounds for Divorce

    || 22-Jul-2012

    Saudi Arabia, the largest Arab state in Western Asia, has declared that Saudi women may use smoking as a legal grounds for divorce. In a country where divorce for women is still a challenge and couples have traditionally dealt with differences in a variety of ways including separate rooms, separate floors and a male taking on another wife; women now have been given a new opportunity to file for ...
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  • Filing for Divorce versus Serving Papers

    || 21-Jul-2012

    Filing for divorce and serving papers for a divorce can sound the same, but they are two different actions. Having your papers filed for divorce is the first step in the divorce process. The process of filing for divorce will be taken care of once you hire an attorney, who will file the appropriate paperwork with the Clerk of Courts – which officially makes your divorce a legal case. Then ...
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  • 5 Tips on How to Save Money During Divorce

    || 20-Jul-2012

    You have realized that traditional divorces are expensive, especially with an average attorney's rate ranging from $150 - $300 an hour. Here are some practical tips on how you can save money during a divorce. Organize Start with buying yourself a three-ring binder, tabs and pocket folders (make sure they have the holes punched in them for your binder). Your tabs will grow over time. To get you ...
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  • Job Hunting for the newly divorced

    || 19-Jul-2012

    Re-entering the workforce after a divorce can seem like a monumental challenge. In the case of women, the longer they have stayed out of the workforce the greater their income potential drops; current statics show that women who are out of the workforce for over three years have their potential earnings drop by forty percent. We have some tips to make the transition smoother and to help you get ...
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  • How to Tell Your Grandchildren about Your Divorce

    || 18-Jul-2012

    With Grey Divorce (baby boomers divorcing) on the rise, it's not uncommon for grandparents to break the news of divorce to their grandchildren. Recent estimations state that nearly 50% of grandchildren have grandparents that are divorced. Calling a truce In order to truly have a healthy family, it's imperative that you and your spouse create a peaceful and safe space for your ...
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  • How to Include Grandparents in a Settlement Agreement

    || 17-Jul-2012

    Grandparents are living longer, and this means more involvement in their grandchildren's lives. Being a grandparent to children of divorced parents has become a modern reality. The emotional turmoil and uncertainty of your divorce has the potential to make grandparents fearful of losing their relationship with their grandchildren. Getting a grandparent's visitation rights written into a ...
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  • 6 Ways to Catch a Cheating Spouse

    || 16-Jul-2012

    A cheating spouse is a sign that your marriage is in trouble, and a simple, uncontested, no-fault divorce may be in order, so you can both go your own ways and start your lives fresh. Have you been losing sleep, feeling depressed or just have a bad feeling at the pit of your stomach that something isn't right? Here are some signs that can tip you off that your suspicion about a cheating spouse ...
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  • How to Tell Kids About Divorce

    || 14-Jul-2012

    Now that you and your spouse are certain about your plans for an uncontested, simple, no-fault divorce it's time to tell the kids. This is a discussion which should be done with both parents and the child(ren) present. Sit-down with your spouse and plan how to deliver the news in the most empathetic and supportive manner. Your children will be able to accept your decision better when you are ...
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  • How to Budget for Divorce

    || 13-Jul-2012

    One of the most dramatic changes in post-divorce life is your budget. Change is never easy, even after a simple, no-fault, uncontesed divorce, but we have some tips which will help you plan ahead. Begin with creating a list of all your income. This would include income from your job, second job, consulting, welfare, unemployment compensation, and side business. You might want to think about how to ...
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  • Divorce Rate Continues to Decline - What's Going On?

    || 12-Jul-2012

    The rate of divorce continues to fall and this year the divorce rate hit a forty year low. Though the media has sensationalized celebrity divorces and we seem to personally know more people who are divorced, the overall divorce percentage has actually fallen. During the 1970's the divorce rate peaked. States across the country legally permitted uncontested divorces, allowing for divorces to ...
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  • 5 Keys to Locate Your Spouse's Hidden Assets

    || 11-Jul-2012

    You want to make sure you have covered your bases and are not being duped by your spouse with hidden assets. To make a martial settlement agreement as fair as possible consider the following. Start with looking at your expenses. Are your expenses higher than the income that is coming into the house? If so, where is this additional income coming from? When discovering a financial discrepancy one of ...
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  • Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes Sign Settlement Agreement

    || 10-Jul-2012

    After two weeks of being tabloid stars Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes surprisingly hammered out a marital settlement agreement. What looked like a divorce that was going to be dragged through the media and court system has come to an amicable resolution. Cruise and Holmes decided to avoid a long legal battle and do what is best for their six-year old daughter, Suri. In a statement, jointly prepared ...
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  • First Divorce Conversation - What Not to Do

    || 7-Jul-2012

    Now that you've read about how to tell your spouse you want an uncontested divorce, here is some information on what to avoid during this critical conversation. Remember you want to make this as smooth as possible. Blaming, yelling and making the other party feel guilty will not serve you well at this point. Leave the past in the past and move forward with your future. Timing is essential. ...
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  • The Smart Way to Tell Your Spouse You Want a Divorce

    || 6-Jul-2012

    You have made the decision to get a divorce, now you are wondering how to break the news to your spouse. Your initial conversation will be critical and will impact the rest of your divorce. If you start by being aggressive, attacking or blaming your spouse, expect to be in an uphill battle. In order to get an uncontested divorce you will need your spouse's cooperation, start by focusing on the ...
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  • How to Protect Your Most Valuable Asset: - Your House

    || 5-Jul-2012

    Marital homes tend to be the biggest asset of a couple and can also be the largest liability of a couple. As you are considering who gets to keep the house, put aside the memories and emotions tied into it and seriously consider how the house is going to affect your financial future. Don't let your home become a financial nightmare. When it comes to your house and the mortgage there are four ...
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  • 5 Keys to Keeping Your Child Safe

    || 4-Jul-2012

    Instead of a judge deciding your child's future, you and your spouse can decided to get a settlement agreement. A settlement agreement, for couples with children, is a legal document which spells out the details of how matters surrounding your child will be handled. This can save you a lot of financial and emotional costs. A settlement agreement provides clear guidelines to be followed, which ...
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  • Divorce saves lives in India

    || 3-Jul-2012

    A startling fact: India has one of the highest suicide rates in the world and is the second leading cause of death. From data gathered during this decade divorce has had an impact on suicide. Early reports in the 2000's demonstrated a trend of Indian women being less prone to commit suicide because of divorce becoming more socially acceptable. This year new documentation shows that suicide due ...
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