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Client Email Testimonials

Client testimonials are a great way to check on the performance and reputation of the lawyer you hire. We suggest you "Google" search your lawyer, as well as checking out their web site.

Be sure to check out more of our client reviews at Avvo and Lawyers.com too! Avvo and Lawyers.com are websites dedicated to helping clients learn more about the law and lawyers. We NEVER pay in any way for client testimonials and reviews (or Google +, Yelp, or any other site). Happy client just take it upon themselves to tell others.

These are some emails from our Pennsylvania uncontested divorce clients, unedited except to protect their privacy....

12/02/14 Thank you so much. Not that getting a divorce is a happy time in ones life but your firm definitely made it easier. Sonia G. from Dublin Pa.
12/02/14 Finding this law firm was the best thing that ever happened to me during my separation. They were so helpful. Everything was easily explained and it was soooo very simple and efficient. I was divorced within 5 weeks of my papers being signed....amazing. No fuss, no muss. LOVE THESE GUYS!!!! Brandy G. from Gibsonia Pa.
11/25/14 The divorce procedure, while difficult for most, was very easy to accomplish through Cairns Law Office. I would recommend to anyone seeking a divorce, especially if it is not a contested divorce. Tammie T.
11/21/14 Thank you for the wonderful service throughout this process. I have posted a good review on Avvo and will write any additional reviews that may recommend you to others.
11/19/14 Thanks Cairns, I never knew this Divorce would have been so simple. On time, all questions answered, and great customer service.
11/18/14 Very fast service,easy no hassle and affordable. Marshall D. from Philadelphia Pa.
11/18/14 Delivers as promise and fast!!!! A++++ Jose P from Hamburg Pa.
11/17/14 Easy, fast, and great customer service. Very satisfied. John E. from Dickson City.
11/12/14 Well satisfied. Couldn't of went any smoother. thanks. Bruce T. from Monaca Pa.
11/11/14 Everything was as you advertised - maybe even a tad faster than I expected. Great work. Paul B. from Morrisville, Pa.
11/17/14 The whole thing was amazingly simple and painless. Best way to get divorced if situation fits. Lauren H. from Freedom Pa.
11/17/14 Easy to use no changes needed. Joann M from Paxinos, pa
11/18/14 Great service. Very easy to use. I will definitely recommend to friends and family. Elaine F. from Reading Pa.
11/4/14 I first tried and paid for two different services one local law firm and a different online service that I paid in full but was not satisfied with either of them,they did not answer the questions I asked to satisfy me so I looked for a different service and found the one I should have started with. Jim Cairns had answers and I knew I had my man, forget the rest and learn from me, my divorce was done in record time,Thanks Jim. Lyle A. from Beach Lake Pa.
11/3/14 Very fast turnaround. Tracy L. from Northampton Pa.
11/3/14 Cairns Rocks! You all were very prompt and always eager to answer any and all questions in a timely matter. I've already recommended you all to others. Once again, thank you!! Charelle J. from Philadelphia PA.
11/3/14 I have to say that I was very satisfied with the services provided. Anytime I had a question or issue someone was always there to assist me. I would highly recommend to anyone who is looking for a quick, easy and efficient way to file for a divorce! Rebecca S. from Bensalem PA.
11/3/14 This was incredibly easy and less expensive than any other option I looked into. David P. from Philadelphia Pa.
11/3/14 Divorce is a necessary evil - like war or capital punishment. Hate to normalize or glorify it. God hates divorce. But you were great. Scott R from Gratz, Pa.
11/2/14 Thank you very much, for your good and fast service, Robert H. from Brookhaven, PA. ??
10/28/14 The service was beyond great I can't even describe how fast the service is all I know it's a 5 star. Dorothy S. from Philadelphia.
10/27/14 Instructions were very easy to follow. also the process was much faster than I thought! From Kim W. Bethlehem Pa.
10/14/14 Divorce is very unfortunate event in life. However if it's happen to be in someones life I would only recommend this lawyer!!! Too bad I didn't know about it 7 years ago waisted my money for lawyers in person. Hennrietta F. from Huntingdon Valley Pa.
10/14/14 I highly recommend the service for anyone with a no-contest no-fault divorce. Super easy, super fast & they keep you posted on the progress all the way through. Why pay thousands of dollars or try to do everything yourself, when this great service is available? Fantastic. Coleen R. from Pittsburgh, Pa.
10/13/14 The best services and very fast thank you so much for helping me with this divorce now. Alex M. from Erie, Pa.
10/13/14 The process was simple and the instructions were detailed. Because my divorce was uncontested, it seemed almost too easy, but I am glad that is done. Using your law office saved me a considerable amount in filing fees since I live in Allegheny County. Keep up the great work!!! Deborah M. from Pittsburgh Pa.
10/13/14 Cairns did everything as they advertised. I'm well pleased with the entire process & would recommend to others. Thank you! Vickie D. from Annville, Pa.
10/15/14 I was a free woman within two weeks of submitting the final paperwork. If only everything could be this easy! Habiba M. from Philadelphia, PA.
10/2/14 Excellent service, quick and painless. Keep up the good work! Leslie C. from Erie, Pa
10/1/14 Thank you so much. Shaquana J. from Allentown, Pa.
9/30/14 Overall great experience. Extremely satisfied! Highly recommendable! More than half the cost of any other law firm I sought out! Thomas E. from De Lancey, Pa.
09/30/14 Love your promptness and your reliability. I would recommend you to anyone who needs to get a divorce fast. Thank you. Jose E. from Hazletown, Pa.
9/23/14 You guys handled my divorce you did a wonderful job and in a timely manner. Thank you. I applied for my divorce in early July 2014 and it was final the end of August 2014. Kathy W.
9/18/14 The process was faster than the date I was told, so it was wonderful. Paula G from Philly
9/18/14 EXCELLENT SERVICE ON ALL ACCOUNTS...Daniel W. from Philly.
9/18/14 It was good...thx. Dolores M. from Pottstown, Pa.
9/17/14 This was pain free, easy experience. Highly recommend this service, saved me a significant amount of money.Margaret C. from Erie, Pa.
8/17/14 Fast, efficient, all questions were answered promptly. Will recommend to others. Kathleen L. from Upper Darby
9/5/14 It was easy. Thank you. Terry L. Jefferson
9/4/14 Super easy to navigate the website, and communication throughout the process from beginning to end is stellar . Carrie L. from Erie, PA.
8/28/14 The service was fast and great. The time of my divorce was very fast and did I not expect it to be less than the time expected. Thanks you guys and I would recommend anyone at anytime.
8/27/14 Everything went smoothly and quickly. Thank you for your help. Anna R. from Atglen, Pa
8/27/14 Fast and effortless! Thank You. Beth P. from Leetsdale, Pa.
8/27/14 I would recommend their services to anyone. Quick responses no matter the time. Easy service and affordable. Selena C. from Philadelphia
8/26/14 Thanks Jim, you have been excellent and I would highly recommend you to anyone. I’ve been nothing but impressed with you. Yes hopefully she will sign we’ll see. Thanks. Brad
8/24/14 Than you for the wonderful, efficient service you provided. Trudy N.
8/22/14 This is a great fast easy service if you have no children, no property to split up and want a quick easy no contest divorce. If you have spousal support you will need a property settlement agreement in addition to the no fault divorce. Carlos B. from Bartonsville, PA
8/22/14 The service was great. Eugene L.
8/19/14 Everything was Great. DL from Harrisburg Pa
8/15/14 Absolutely wonderful to work with. When they said they were going to do something, they absolutely did it. Unmatched customer service. They put the client first in this difficult time and I would recommend this firm without hesitation. Truly 5 star service. Jason Y.from New Castle, Pa.
8/15/14 Fast, easy, and low priced!! Michelle C. from Hamburg, Pa.
7/24/14 Thank you. Your service was fast, easy and affordable. I couldn't be happier. Conni C. from Sellersville, Pa.
7/24/14 Douglas M. Everything regarding your service was outstanding. Everything was explained specifically and simply in the beginning. Process was inexpensive and simple. When I did have a question it was answered promptly. Entire process handled in timely, efficient manner. I would definitely recommend Cairns Law Offices to others.
8/8/14 The entire process was easier than I originally anticipated and would recommend your services to anyone. Thomas C. Philadelphia PA
8/7/14 I totally recommend Attorney Cairns. He informed me of all the necessary paper work that I needed for my divorce. My divorce was done in a timely manner. There were no hidden costs. Ann K.
7/7/14 Super easy and answered my questions very quickly! Definitely worth it ! Andrea D
8/7/14 Yes this was a great service so glad I contacted this office. They made my divorce so easy and simple. Very affordable. I have already recommended this office to a friend. Thank you. Lisa S.
8/7/14 I got my decree and just want to say thank you guys for the affordable price and for the superb work. I would recommend your firm to my friends when they are ready. Thanks again it was the best money I ever spent. I already posted my review. Once again THANKS. Sasha L.
7/2/14 Thank you so much It's easy and fast You 're the best lawyer I am going to tell every body about you Thanks again Tri S.
6/26/2014 I did miss one of the parts of the instructions and cost me a additional $35 but if I payed more attention it would not have. I tried to go local and get this done and with a simple and easy divorce this idiot wanted $1500 so happy I went this way saved me lots if money!!!! Bryan W. from Waymart Pa
6/30/14 The service was great It was fast and easy to do. Joseph G. from Allentown Pa
6/30/14 It was easy, it took me less then 4 months and I saved a ton of money.... I would definitely tell all my friends about it....I'm a very pleased customer... a hard time became an easy process thanks to Cairns firm,, thank you..
7/2/2014 I was actually done with my divorce faster than I expected. Debbie E. Jefferson Hills PA
7/14/14 Couldn't ask for anything better. Very pleased with the prompt work you put forth with helping me get this divorce taken care of. Rebecca M. from Montrose PA
7/14/14 Amazing job! I was a little apprehensive at first, using a service found online, but after reading reviews, I'm glad that I made the right choice to use Cairns. Thank you! Rebecca W. from Lock Haven, Pa
7/14/14 Great fast service without the hassle of court and no aggravation. James D. from Philly
7/14/14 This was easy to use. Saved hundreds of dollars. Ron B. from Philadelphia, Pa
7/14/2014 Any question was answered promptly. Was in shock when I sent a question via email at 1045 pm and received a response in minutes! Customer service is top notch! Jean B. from Etters Pa
7/14/14 Great, prompt service! Stacy G. from Hanover Township Pa
7/14/14 Excellent service, fast, easy to communicate with, would highly recommend. Richard W. from Prospect Park PA
7/14/14 Very easy to deal with fast service. Thanks for your time and effort . Joseph S. from Greensburg PA
6/21/14 There should be 10 stars! I am so thankful that you made this process so painless and quick. Thank you SO much. Janet M, from Reading, PA
6/18/14 So much better than going to a lawyer and driving back and forth. FAST and TO THE POINT!!! Also loved the fact that you could make payments. Lisa S, from Philadelphia, PA
6/17/14 Thank you so much!! Cairns Law Offices made a tough situation so fast and simple! I don't know how to put into words how valuable you have been! Thank you again! Chris H. from Sunbury, PA
6/17/14 It was not as fast as advertized. Online it says could be as fast as 30 days. Found out it was almost impossible. it was min of 90 days. The lawyer however, was extremely prompt, helpful and insightful. Anis M. from Allentown, PA NOTE FROM ATTORNEY CAIRNS: Unfortunately, PA law requires that you be separated 2 years of more to get 30 day divorce (our 4-6 week RUSH divorce service). Since you were separated less than 2 years, the law requires a 90 day waiting period. Thanks for your feedback!
6/17/14 I like that you responded very quickly to every email/question. The process was easy and stress free. Flora F. from Philadelphia, PA.
6/17/14 Thanks to Cairns Law Office my divorce was fast within two weeks received my decree they r great. Lisa C, from Allentown, PA
6/17/14 Very easy to use, great communication in each step of the process. Amy M, from York, PA
6/3/14 Everything you did for me was fast and efficient and would recommend you to anyone who needs a divorce without all the legal problems. Thank you again for all your help. Cecelia G, from Harrisburg, PA
6/3/14 Thank you so much I will refer your firm everywhere!!!! Lisa S, from Bethlehem, PA
6/2/14 Very professional and very fast. I've already recommended you to a friend of mine. I don't suppose you do bankruptcy as well? Dustin, H, from Bangor, PA CLO: I'm sorry, we don't do bankruptcy at the moment.
6/2/14 This whole process was a breeze everything went smooth. Every email was answered every phone was answered very pleased with service. Shawn J, from Philadelphia, PA
5/27/14 There was nothing that I'd recommend you do differently. The service was very professional and prompt. I am completely satisfied with everything you did for me! Keith W, from Philadelphia, PA
5/26/14 I would tell anyone and everyone how great they are. Kevin M, from Chichester, PA
5/26/14 I am so happy I finally am divorced. At first I thought it would be a long drawn out expensive procedure but I was lucky enough to have found Cairns law offices, it was fast easy and really affordable. Cortez R, from Philadelphia, PA
5/16/14 I feel as though you can respond to all emails and not the ones that just benefit the company. Tareema G, from Philadelphia, PA
5/26/14 My divorce was quick and affordable. And I was kept up to date, with everything. Jeanetta D, from Erie, PA
5/26/14 Great service for the money I just think you should advertise in your add that you have to wait 90 days after recieveing the paperwork from your firm before your spouse can sign the divorce papers before returning the paperwork to you then wait another 3-4 weeks after mailing it back to your firm for the final divorce the add in the original website stated divorce within 30 days not 120 days. But overall im very pleased. Stella B, from Carmichael, PA NOTE FROM CLO: If you are separated LESS than 2 years, the law requires a 90 day waiting period. The fastest service we have is our RUSH service, which takes approximately 3.5-4 months. This is explained in The Divorce Wizard. If 2 years or MORE, then our RUSH service takes approximately 4-6 weeks.
5/26/14 I couldn't be happier. The website was extremely simple to use. And getting my divorce was faster then I expected!! Chantel A, from Luzerne, PA
5/14/14 I would highly recommend Cairns Law Offices. My divorce was so easy and really affordable. The direction that was given and the step by step instructions made it so easy to follow. A process that I thought would be a nightmare turned out to be very pleasant. Every time I contacted Mr. Cairns for assistance he always responded very quickly. He made me feel valued me as a client. Tony R, from Drexel Hill, PA
5/8/14 I love that I was able to decide exactly what I wanted on my divorce. And it was faster than promised! Kayla G, from Lancaster, PA
5/6/14 I'm happy fast and easy. Elias P, from Reading, PA
5/1/14 This service was very fast and easy to use i would recommend this service to anyone needing a divorce. Leroy W, from Avalon, PA
5/1/14 I feel like you did a good job. Elias P, from Reading, PA
5/1/14 Mr. Cairns, I cannot tell you how elated I am that my divorce is final. Thank you for offering an affordable and easy to follow divorce. You've made the whole process very easy and I can't thank you enough. I will be giving you a glowing review on Avvo. Thanks a million!! Sincerely, Tony R, from Drexel hill, PA
4/28/14 From beginning to end i was happy with my service. Thank you very much. Heather D, from Erie, PA
4/28/14 This was the easiest process . Simple forms. Great service. Thank you. Nathan K, from Altoona, PA
4/25/14 Very easy and quick, also very clear, instructions that were not difficult to comprehend. Ajeenah S, from Philadelphia, PA
4/25/14 I got results much swifter than I ever expected! Thank you for your accurate and professional services. I will recommend your firm to all that are in need of legal services. Thank you again. Valarie M, from Jonestown, PA
4/25/14 I was impressed with the quick responses to my emails. Thank you so much for making this process simple and hassle free! Bettey K, from Palmyra, PA
4/22/14 Thank you for your great services!!! Sonia W, from Reading, PA
4/17/14 Very fast and convenient! Jessica Z, from Philadelphia, PA
4/15/14 Good Morning Jim - I wanted to thank you for making this process as painless as possible. I've got to tell you that it was absolutely the easiest thing I've done on the internet by far. You made everything so simple, your short, direct instructions, made it impossible to screw up. I will fill out out survey I can find, to let people know that this is the cheapest and easiest way to get divorced. Again, thank you so much! Michelle C, from Phoenixville, PA
4/14/14 Everything was handled in a very professional manner and the response was prompt. I never ever dreamed that this type of services existed and was very skeptical about it. Thanks Jim Cairns for helping me to get out of an awful and abusive marriage! Now I can move on to a better life and I am so happy! Stephanie A, from Coatesville, PA
4/10/14 Easier and faster than expected. As long as you promptly filled out and returned the paperwork, the process was smooth and painless. Michael S, from Bethel Park, PA
4/10/14 I think everything went great! Easy to use, fast service and I am happy with the outcome. Thank you very much for settling this matter. I have recommended you to other friends. Jamie A, from Erie, PA
4/10/14 Great service, great communication. Easy and efficient service. Ian K, from Philadelphia, PA
Thank you Mr.Cairns for sending all the paperwork. The process was so easy from beginning to end. I left few reviews on the excellent services provided by you and your staff on some of the link you provided. I wish you only the best, Thank you again, Glaris V, from Bethlehem, PA
3/28/14 Thank you for all your works! from Sammi N, from Philadelphia, PA
3/31/14 Faster than I thought. Great communications! If I know of any friends or family in need of services, I would definitely recommend. Thank you so much! Angela K, from Ebensburg, PA
3/26/14 Excellent services! I wasn't expecting to get my divorce so fast. All the process was clear and easy. And nobody can beat those prices. Ana I, from Allentown, PA
3/25/14 Very fast and accommodating. Only thing I would suggest is the initial form asking for information was a little confusing as being a first time divorcee we really didn't know what to include or to consider and could have used a little more guidance or list a suggested list of things to consider. Of course after it was submitted and reviewed we were able to get it sorted out. David R, from Union City, PA
3/25/14 I believe it's a little confusing that your paperwork is not filed in the County that you reside in. All seems to have worked out in my case, and I am grateful for the quick response to my concerns. Another thing that worried me a little was the language in the paperwork about charges for contact and asking questions - fortunately I didn't have many and all of mine were answered promptly without incident through email. Overall it was a great value and good experience! Melissa B, from Marietta, PA
3/25/14 It was truly a great experience. The service a was fast and reliable. Highly recommend this service to anyone. Aquil G, from Philadelphia, PA
3/25/14 Couldn't believe how fast and easy my divorce was with Cairns Law. Excellent service and prices! Will recommend to anyone! Deena M, from Bristol, PA
3/19/14 You made, what could have been a very stressful time for myself and now my ex-husband a very easy experience. I was leery at first, but now I have nothing but the best praise for you! THANK you for taking the complication out of filing a no-fault divorce. My ex and I were and are still amicable, but our divorce was a breeze. THANK YOU! Christina C, from Coatesville, PA
3/18/14 Fabulous, quick & easy! Judy T, from Erie, PA
3/18/14 Thank you for making this process so quick and easy. From the initial contact to receiving the divorce decree, everything was seamless. Thank you for keeping me informed every step of the way and for the step by step guidance to ensure that this would be a smooth process. I would definitely recommend your services to a friend. Jillian B, from Northampton, PA
3/18/14 Was a little more then I wanted to spend, but was competitive pricing to other combines I looked at. Very fast time, sent in paper work, two weeks later I had the court papers in my hand and the another week had the decree. Any time I had questions I sent and email, was returned very fast and answer everything plus some. I also called and was hoping to leave a message, given the time and it was a weekend. But was very surprised when someone picked up and took time to answer all my questions. I was told about Cairns Law Offices from a buddy that used them, and would give them 10 stars! Was very pleased with the service, speed and availability. Thank you so much! Kevin S, from Quakertown, PA
3/18/14 Very happy with this service. It was fast easy to use and your instructions are very clear and to the point. Highly recommend to anyone one seeking a divorce. Jodi S, from Red Lion, PA
3/10/14 I really appreciated how seamless and affordable the whole process was. I was able to handle everything from my computer. It was definitely the easiest way to get divorced (if you have to get divorced) and I have already recommended your services to others. Andrea J, from Scottdale, PA
3/5/14 I highly recommend your service, you made a tough situation fast and painless. Thank you. David S, from Elgin, TX
3/4/14 Just a big thank you, keep up the good work, you made a painful situation painless. Randy H, from Pittsburgh, PA
2/24/14 Quick response. Easy to communicate by email. Aimee V, from Honey Brook, PA
2/17/14 Very smooth process. Angela L. from Edinboro, PA
2/17/14 Did an awesome job..very happy with service.will definetly recommend your services to others. Thank you. Francis K. from Duryea, PA
2/17/14 The site was super simple to use. Attorney Jim Cairns was always available to answer any questions whether by phone or email and my difficult divorce was made simple by the outstanding service that I received from Cairn's Law Offices. Thank you! Angelica S. from Stoudsburg, PA
2/17/14 The site was super simple to use. Attorney Jim Cairns was always available to answer any questions whether by phone or email and my difficult divorce was made simple by the outstanding service that I received from Cairn's Law Offices. Thank you! Angelica S. from Stoudsburg, PA
2/17/14 The site was super simple to use. Attorney Jim Cairns was always available to answer any questions whether by phone or email and my difficult divorce was made simple by the outstanding service that I received from Cairn's Law Offices. Thank you! Angelica S. from Stoudsburg, PA
2/17/14 I was very impressed with the service. I would definitely recommend. April B. from Felton, PA
2/17/14 I was very pleased with the ease of the process during a highly stressful phase of life. It was great to not have to worry about exorbitant fees when all that was needed was to just be quietly done with a completely broken marriage. D.A. from Erie, PA
2/10/14 5 Stars all the way! Made the entire process very stress-free and painless :) S.M. from Walnutport, PA
2/10/14 I really appreciated the help that attorney cairns did he made these journey easier for me now am happy and able to move on with my life it feels so great to put that load behind me i requested a friend who also needs her divorce done..thank you once again attorney cairns may God bless you for what you do to help people like me. Sara M, from New Castle, PA
2/10/14 Super fast and affordable !!! Great communication !!! Mark B. from Jessup, PA
2/4/14 Thanks so much!! Your firm was a pleasure to work with and I will definitely give you positive feedback on as many sites as possible. Your site was simple, your prices were amazing and you were conveniently available any time I needed your help. Divorces are difficult but Cairns Law Office are awesome!! Thanks again ;) Angie S. from Stroudsburg, PA
2/2/14 Great service and my divorce was granted much faster then I expected. Thank you. Joelle J. from Pittsburgh, PA
1/24/14 Everything was good I had no complaints. Chantell C. from Philadelphia, PA
1/23/14 I rate the divorce service 5 [out of 5]. Lewanna G, from Philadelphia, PA
12/09/13 I'm really happy with the manner Jim Cairns law firm handled my case. Although my ex-wife delayed in signing the divorce papers, as soon as I got her signed the divorce papers and I submitted the signed divorce papers to Jim Cairns law firm it took approximately the same time the law firm promise it will take to get the finalized feedback. I'm glad I chose them to handle my case and I will definately recommend this efficient law firm to anyone. Thank you Attorney Jim Cairns!!! Ben A from Weatherford, OK
12/05/13 Great Service, Fast Quick and Reliable. I was skeptical at first but I must say it was a good experience. Thank You. Lucy N. from Whitehall, PA
11/27/13 I was very surprised how quickly this happened. It was simple and fast. Valerie S. from State College. PA
11/20/13 I think that your services are very good. I would recommend you to other people needing you services. Bruce B. from Philadelphia, PA
11/20/13 Great with payment arrangements and explaining things I did not understand. Kiara S. from New Castle, PA
11/16/13 Great service!! I would recommend this to everyone looking to do a fast simple noncontested divorice. Johnell J from Philadelphia, PA
11/16/13 I couldn't have asked for better service! Awesome job! I already referred a friend who is now going through the divorce process. Stephanie M. from Philadelphia, PA
11/16/13 Was fast excellent and very efficient I will definitely recommend others to Jim Cairns because I really and completely satisfied with the service. Good job Cairns Law Office , job well done. E.J. from Pitsburgh, PA
11/12/13 Easy to work with and helpful. Sandy S. from Pennsburg, PA
11/11/13 Your service was excellent. Easy, fast, and good communication. Bonnie S from Cleona, PA
11/11/13 Amazing, fast and easy. No stress. So pleased. Anthony C from Bel Air, MD
12/11/13 The service was excellent. My divorce was handled fast and professionally. Barbara L from Littleston, PA
11/09/13 Awesome Job, made a difficult time smoother and no surprises help both of us. Robert from Exton, PA
11/07/2013 This service is great, so easy to use and very affordable as well. Everything is clearly explained on the website and/or in Mr. Cairns' extremely prompt replies to client emails. I particularly appreciated the convenience of doing practically everything online, including payment. Based on the information provided on the website and in emails from Mr. Cairns, I expected that I might be divorced within four to six weeks after completing and sending off all the necessary forms. This seemed quite reasonable, so you can imagine my surprise and delight when I learned that my divorce had gone through less than two weeks after mailing off all my paperwork! I would definitely recommend Mr. Cairns' professional services to anyone needing a divorce in Pennsylvania. Linda from Philadelphia, PA
11/05/13 Five stars for you! A little confusion over Quit claim deed vs deed but I suspect it was my error in misreading. Otherwise really A1 service for a simple noncontested divorce. Susan from Pennsburg, PA
10/31/2013 Thank you very much! I was worried how to take care of this living out of state now. You made it much easier and was very helpful. Thank you once again! Michael from Tampa, FL
10/18/13 Excellent service; prompt; efficient; very pleased. David from Williams Bay, WI
10/18/2013 I did not have to email or call so that question was really n/a. Also needs to be clearer when you pay extra for express service it only relates to the paperwork not to the divorce itself. Otherwise I was very pleased with your service. Easy to use and to follow instructions. Thank you. Kelly from Cranberry, PA
10/15/2013 It was the most simplified version of such a difficult situation. The ease of the whole process was much appreciated. I actually didn't have any questions because it was all laid out for me and there were no questions left to be answered. Thank you for making this so stress-less :) Tami from Langhorne, PA
10/15/13 From the beginning to the end of the process of my divorce directions were clear and inquiring questions were answered promptly. Fees were more than reasonable as well. Overall my rating is 5 star in all categories. Sandra E from Reading, PA
10/15/13 there is nothing you can improve on, perfect service. always more than i expected at each step. Paul from Pequea, PA
10/7/2013 Everything was great Brad, Clover PA
01/14/14 The easiest and fastest divorce.. Cathy, Prospect Park, PA
10/02/2013 Providing my information online was quick and easy. Once the divorce process began and I had questions, my emails were answered almost immediately. The service was faster than I expected and with no hassle. Thanks to Cairns I am oficially divorced. Shana
10/1/13 May God continue to keep you from all harm,hurt and danger and I pray that you continue to be prosperous and all that you do! Thank you from the bottom of my heart! Tamagee O. from Philadelphia, PA
Hello, Just a quick note to let you know that I've received my decree (hard copy), left reviews at Avvo and Lawyers.com, liked your firm's Facebook page, and done a Google +1.(Sorry I don't tweet or do LinkedIn.) But I also wanted to thank you directly for making the experience as painless as possible, certainly much less painful than everything that preceded the decision to divorce. I would recommend your firm to anyone in need of an uncontested divorce. I wish you and your firm continued success. Linda A. Solomon
9/22/11 Thank you for all you've done! I will certainly recommend you to anyone who needs a divorce. This has made things so much less stressful! Lisa N. Upon thanking her for "liking" us on Facebook: 9/22/11 You're so welcome! Anything else I can do to spread the word, I will! Lisa N
11/23/11 Thank you so much! I really appreciate you guys and I will definetly let others know of your services! Felicia D
11/23/11 Thank you for your prompt, courteous and professional services. Best Regards, Robin M
12/11/11 Cairns Law Offices, Thank you so very much! I have already told others of your service and I'm sure someone will be contacting you soon. I appreciate your help as well as your promptness. Sincerely, Amber S
12/14/11 Just wanted to extend my thanks for your wonderful help…You made each and every step of the way very easy….Thank you for being an honest firm and for doing exactly what you say you will do….Not many companies actually do what they say…Take care and Happy Holidays! J Patti G
12/24/11 Thank you so much! You have a great service and I have already recommended you to a friend and will let anyone else know about you if they need your services. Thanks again! Jill G
1/23/12 First, I would like to express my appreciation for representing me as your client. I wish you well and if I hear anyone who would like to be represented I would recommend you. B well sir... Oscar O
1/25/12 Thank you very much for your services and prompt results. I will definitely, highly recommend your firm. Have a great day... Robert S
2/2/12 Thank you very much - you have been truly great. Dmitry B
2/5/12 Dear Mr. Cairns: Thank you again so much for being patient with me. I am smiling from ear to ear. How much does a name change cost? And is it a lengthy procedure? Last question: I am serious! Do you or anyone you know have any vacancies? I am desperately looking for gainful employment? No problem. Yes I will definitely refer to you anyone I know who is interesting in getting a divorce. Sincerely contented, Deborah B
2/6/12 Thank you soo much !! This was easy convenience and no stress involved.. you guys are thee best! Samuel M
2/10/22 Thank you for your services. I am unable to click on the link below for AVVO to place a review. I wanted to say thank you for making this divorce process very easy! Michelle H
2/22/12 Brief description of your legal issue: Thank you for the quick and painless divorce! My ex and I are lucky to still be friends after it all, which made it easier I assume. Anyone that can follow simple directions can have a cheap and easy termination of their marriage through Cairns Law Office!!! Thank you again for all you do! Jennifer A
1/20/12 First, let me say your services and expertise are truly amazing. It made the whole process for me easy with clear instructions and inexpensive. Thank you for making it as painless as possible. Janice D
Upon being told that her divorce had been granted: 3/26/12 Thank you so much for the excellent news. I was having an awful day and your email changed that. Thank you so much for all of your help and I will be sure to recommend you to anyone. Brenda E
4/13/12 Sir, Thank you for your quick response and understanding. Your office has been helpful, courteous and professional. You all have made this difficult process easier. I appreciate your help. Sincerely, William J
4/19/12 Dear Mr Cairns, Thank you for your congratulations on my new life, and more important, thank you for your assistance with making that happen. No need to retake my maiden name. I've had this name longer than I had that one, and I'll be adding a new name before the end of the year anyway. I posted a review on AVVO, but I don't do Facebook. Thanks again for making my divorce so very easy! Yours, Risë K
4/25/12 Thanks for everything you have done this has been the best thing in my life and it was cheap and I've been letting everyone I know how cheap your divorce was and easy so I will keep passing it on again thank you Anglea C
When asked how to if we could make the website better: 5/7/12 You already inspire confidence so you are 90% there. I’m sure it will be great. Suzanne B
5/30/12 Mr. Cairns, you are very efficient! I did not expect such a fast turnaround. Thank you so much for this. I will look everything over and get back to you as quickly as possible. Sincerely, Aimee R
6/8/12 Jim, Thank you for your service. I have filled out a review for you online, but I wanted to let you know I appreciate your help finalizing my divorce. The process was exactly as your website stated it would be and I appreciate that there were no additional hidden fees or any other items that were not disclosed up front. In the age of the internet it is sometimes difficult to find a reputable and reliable business, but you have certainly delivered this. Again, I appreciate all of your help. Thank you, Matt S We listen to our clients. Here's what the same client had to say when I asked him how to attract more clients: 6/12/12 Jim, I did go to the updated site and it is great. My only recommendation would be somehow encourage people visiting your site to read all the reviews on AVVO. I made sure I posted a review and I also read all the reviews on there. Not a single negative comment. When I first started that was what I was looking for, an attorney who had proof from previous clients that they provided the service they said they would. Regarding your price point, I would think if you kept the price around or under $350 you should still be good. I certainly would have paid that if I knew from the start my divorce would be hassle free and would be completed on time. I think the key is to make sure your reviews stay positive and continue to provide the service you and your office has been providing. Again, I thank you for your help with a difficult time of my life and I wish you success in the future. Thank you, Matt S
6/28/12 Thank You for all your help. You have been wonderful and I will gladly recommend you to anyone that I know. Sandra V
6/29/12 Good Morning Sir, I received my paperwork in the mail yesterday, thank you. I was wondering what I have to do to get more "original" copies? I would like 5 copies of each... I'm just not sure how to get those. I want to thank you, again, for everything you have done and all my crazy questions you have answered. I have already recommended you to a few people. Thank you Amanda P
7/3/12 Jim, I really appreciate your business and what you guys do. It took a lot of the headaches out of this whole process. Hope J
7/9/12 Thank you very much Mr. Cairns. I sincerely appreciate all of your help! Francesco C.
7/23/12 Thanks again for developing such an easy process. Jennifer M
7/23/12 Dear Jim: I already submitted a review of your fantastic service. I appreciate all you have done. Thanks Rick S
7/24/12 Jim Happy to provide the following review. Please feel free to quote me using first name only. I tried to post on Avvo... I really appreciate the work you did for us. Overall rating- Excellent Trustworthy- Excellent Responsive- Excellent Knowledgeable- Good Kept me informed-Good My perspective is that Jim Cairns does an excellent job, if your circumstances fit his model. In our case, we (my ex- and I) had decided (all but) everything and just wanted to make it official. We'd worked with attorneys prior to meeting Jim and while that was productive, we felt we knew what we wanted and that we would save a lot of money working with Jim. We did. It went as planned and happened smoothly. We had one legal question about retirement assets and he answered that accurately. He wrote our Marital Settlement agreement (again, we'd already agreed on how we were dividing assets and on a parenting plan) for a very reasonable fee. Not sure how he maintains his level of service and of excellence at these prices but grateful, so grateful that he does. Thanks Josh
7/24/12 I would like to thank Cairns Law Offices for their informative and quick accurate service of my divorce proceeding they made everything easy and their information was plain and clear easy to follow. Barbara S
7/26/12 Thank you very much this is the happiest day of my life ,,, that was so easy through your office. Once again it been a pleasure doing business with you...
8/3/12 Thanks so much Jim I really appreciate the great service. Melody P
8/14/12 Hello Mr. Cairns, I just wanted to say thank you for all your help. It was a lot easier to get this done as quickly as you did than I actually thought. I am so happy to be able to put this behind me. You are awesome!!! I just can't thank you enough for helping me. I will recommend you to anyone that needs a divorce. Thanks again, Joy M
8/24/12 I picked the link for Facebook [to tell others about you]. Thank you for the help and the fast work to get my divorce done. Shawn F
8/29/12 Thanks so much for everything! Maryann V
9/13/12 Good morning!... Thank you so much for making my divorce a painless process! I will surely recommend you to others in search of legal services in this area. Best Regards, Denise V
9/24/12 Hi James, I greatly appreciate how painless you have made an otherwise stressful and painful process Thank you so much, and best regards. Edward P
9/29/12 Just wanted to thank you so much for all your help and everything you have done to make my divorce quick and painless as possible. I will be sure to recommend you to anyone I know that is wanting a divorce. I cannot believe you got the divorce through so fast. You are all so awesome. Thanks so much! Diana Ps....I gave you all excellent reviews and likes and recommendations!
10/21/12 Dear Mr. Cairns, I received the final decree this weekend. I just wanted to thank you so much for all your help. Your process was easy to follow, efficient, and affordable. I really appreciate your service. Sincerely, Aimee R
10/30/12 You are a kind, kind empathetic man. A credit to the lawyerly profession. Don't lose faith. David H
10/31/12 Thanks!! I really appreciate how fast and easy the process was. Alejandro A
11-05-12 Thank you so much Jim. I mean this when I say it, I appreciate everything you have done. If there is anything I can do for you (google review, testimonial, etc) let me know. Robert D
11-09-12 Jim, I did LIKE you on Facebook. I just wanted to say thank you for the service that I never thought I would find. The services you offer make the divorce process simple and stress free. I cannot believe how quickly the process was completed for the price. I hope I never need your services again, but will recommend you to anyone who does. Christopher, from Middletown, Pennsylvania
11-28-12 Thank you again for your steady stream of communication. Robert, from East Amherst, New York
12-10-12 Mr Cairns: Let me thank you for the assistance with my divorce, which was finalized in July. I couldn't have been happier with the service and the results. Karen, from Carlisle Pennsylvania
12-19-12 THANK YOU!!!! Thank you for everything and have a GREAT holiday! Shawna, from Stockbridge, Georgia
12-19-12 Thank you so much it was great working with your law office I will be sure to pass the word to my friends and family on the great job that you did for me a very sincere thanks Dawn, from Red Lion, Pennsylvania
12-21-12 Thank you so much... Have a great Holiday!! Samet, from Essington, PA
12-22-12 Thank you sooo much. MERRY CHRISTMAS! :-) Tammy, from York, PA
1-26-13 Hello Jim, Thank you for your great service! I actually wrote a shining review for you already but apparently it did not post. I will surely write you a new one. Keep up the great work! I am celebrating my freedom thanks to you. All the best, Kathlynn, from Exton, PA
2-1-13 Thank You so much for all your help. I appreciate everything you have done for me. Thank you, Lynne B, from Finleyville, PA
2-6-13 Woo hoooo!!! Thanks Jim Kristen G, from Warminster PA
2/18/13 Thank you! This has been a very easy process and is greatly appreciated. I have talked very highly of you practice and will recommend you to anyone that I know who needs your services! Thanks again, Ed L, from Evans City PA
3/13/13 Cairns Law Offices, Thank you so much, wow! This process was fast easy and cheap. Thank you so much, I'm very impressed with your firm and how you all handled my divorce. I thought this day would've never come so fast. I will be sure to pass this on to my friends, god willing their marriages last, but if not, I will give them your info and make sure they use your firm. I again thank you and appreciate all you have done to make this painless and fast.... Michael S, from Carlisle PA
3/15/13 Mr. Cairns: I can say, in all honesty, choosing you as my divorce attorney was one of the smartest moves I've ever made. Thank you again! Karen H, from Carlisle PA
Hi Mr. Cairns, Thanks for all your help with my divorce. I want you to know that you truly changed my life. I was in a horrible 10-year marriage; my wife was unfaithful to me many times. It took me a while to leave, cost being one of many factors. Thanks to you I was able to afford it. Secondly, I want you to know I am a therapist, and as such deal with many clients who are seeking divorce themselves. For the past two years, I have been referring people to your firm, and will continue to do so. Lastly, I am now engaged to a beautiful girl. She's a veterinarian and we just bought a house together and I've never been happier. My point here is you TRULY help people! Your form helps people move on with their lives and have a chance at happiness. You are a very good person, and when I am at my computer next, I will endorse your section and write a superb review for you, All the best, Jason P, from Bethlehem PA
4/22/13 Thank you!!! Amy T, from Hummlestown, PA
4/22/13 Thank you very much for helping me finally get divorced!! Lynn F, from West Hazleton, PA
4/25/13 ...The quick, easy nature of your office is what drew us to you. Again, many thanks, Marlana D, from Butler, PA
5/7/13 Thank you so much for your services. Carol-Anne B. from Norristown, PA
5/27/13 THANK YOU for making a difficult situation so easy. Peggy M. from Pittsburgh, PA
6/17/13 Excellent thanks so much! It was a delight working with you on this! Jean V. from Mount Ephriam, NJ
7/1/13 Great! Thank you for your awesome service. Carolina P. from Philadelphia, PA
7/17/14 Thank you so much!!!! Chandra N. from York, PA
7/23/13 Thank you so much for the fast service it was greatly appreciated. I will definitely go on the website and make comments and let people know. Thank you again. Wendy B. from Nescopeck, PA
7/30/13 Good morning. Thank you for your help... Mary L. from Lansdowne, PA
8/1/13 Hello, I have received the final decree from you. I want to thank you so much for your EXCELLENT service. I would highly recommend you. Aleene M. from Penndel, PA
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